Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bottle Cap Designs

I've always had a interest in graphic design and have often incorporated my knowledge into my crafts, be it in designing patterns or as I came to learn hair bow design.


As in the previous hair bows I showed, they each have a bottle cap emblem that can be removed. The design within the bottle cap is of my own and I have made other designs that have yet to make it onto specific hair bows. I've even done a few custom image sheets. One was for a softball team, the customer wanted to have the name of the team and specific player's numbers in the images.



This sheet is for the 5 elements, spirit, earth, air, fire and water. The great thing is the image can be sent to your local photo place, walmart, cvs, walgreens, etc. to be print on a 4x6 photo. Each image will then an 1 inch circle that can be punched out and used for anything you want. They fit perfectly within a bottle cap which are great for hair bows like I have done, scrapbooking, or even jewelry.



This was a custom order where the customer wanted some sports related images in various colors that also had the phrase "Play like a Girl" on them. The images are 100% created by me.



I love this set of initials with the blue stars. I intend to at least take the L to make a bow for Wee Rose. She looks great wearing blue. I have a variety of fonts at my disposal, I'm just very fond of this font. I think I may do a next series with hearts or maybe a patriot motif for the upcoming 4th of July.

All sheets can be purchased through my Facebook Fan Page and I'll gladly do custom orders for a very reasonable fee.



  1. I love your 5 element sheet! I'm sorry if the answer is really obvious but I came by through Google and unfamiliar with your page... Is that sheet for sale to use for bottlecap/bows? Thanks!

  2. They are for sale on my Facebook fan page. You can access it from this link.



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