Friday, July 22, 2011

New Look

So I've been playing around today with updating the blog.

  • I redid the header and I love it all except for my little bee. He just doesn't seem to go with the style anymore so I think I'm going to have to say good bye or just redo him. 
  • I think it has a bit of a cleaner look now. I noticed most craft blogs have the simplest layouts, normally all white and I realized why. They show off pictures better.
  • I need to redo a few of my buttons, like the current Etsy button on the right hand side is atrocious
  • I'm wondering if I should remove the blog archive and just leave the labels only. Any opinions?
  • I also am trying to get a +1 icon in the share link to the left. It isn't behaving though.Until I have it all fixed it is still available at the bottom of the post.
Testers Needed!

This weekend I plan to do my first prototype of a pattern I want to make freely available on my blog. But after I test it I would like a few testers willing to give me feed back on it.
  • I'd need both people who are able to sew it and test it (this is baby product)
  • Also some who may be unable to physically test it but can give feedback on the visuals. Such as, are the fonts legible, is it simple to follow, does it make sense?
  • If you're interested send me a message at

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