Thursday, August 11, 2011

Projects Update

Just an update post to say the progress of what I'm working on. Unfortunately I have a lot that is just in progress.


Purple_Yellow_Knit_Blanket_03-31-2010First Wee Rose's baby blanket is at about 70% completion.  This is where it was at last time I showed it, at about 30% complete.


Second is the new cloth diaper proto-type. It's cut and I've begun sewing. Unfortunately getting a decent amount of time to sit at my sewing machine is probably the hardest activity to get done in the house right now. I've even gone so far as to put it in the kitchen so I can try to sew in the 20 minutes or so I have after I get home and before I need to start dinner.


A few projects that I need to start and complete in the near future are:

  • A pair of baby shoes for Wee Rose.
  • An advent calendar for this holiday season.
  • Whatever Wee Rose's Halloween costume will be. (Lil 'R's was a gift so no need to make him one)
  • Also a few things that are plans to be gifts.


I really need to find some motivation don't I? I wonder if any would happen to be located under the couch cushions?

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