Sunday, September 25, 2011

Completed Project- Wee Rose’s Baby Blanket

IMG_9363_2Over on April 1, 2010 I shared the progress of Wee Rose’s baby blanket that I was knitting, over on my old personal blog Finagling Life. I can now finally say I finished the blanket. Yes yes, well over a year later.

Luckily I wasn’t knitting a baby blanket but had purposely picked one sized to be more of a toddler blanket. She is just outgrowing the baby blanket my mom knit her so the timing was perfect for the upgrade.

The pattern is called Little Johnny’s Patchwork Blanket by Trudy Barrett and I used Lionbrand Homespun yarn for it. As a small review I really hated working with the homespun yarn for knitting. That’s probably one reason it took so long. I’ve crocheted with it before and had no problem but throughout making this blanket the fluff of the yarn IMG_9365_2would bunch up and just make a horrible mess. I have some leftover and I have no clue what to do with it. I’m sure it’ll be something I crochet.

What is really important though is it’s soft, cozy and Wee  Rose seems to LOVE it. When we first wrapped her in it she grabbed ahold of the blanket and nuzzled her face into it. For the geeks out there that are wondering what Wee Rose is reading, it’s my copy of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters that Dear Hubby got me for my birthday.

On a different note I’m having a great time over on Google + which is now in open beta, come add me to a circle and join in on the conversation. There area  few other pagan bloggers who are quite active there too like Angela from The Pagan Mom Blog and Stacy from Inspired by Life. I’ve been starting up Hangouts while I work on projects so anyone can see what I’m up to. Yesterday I was sewing the 2nd attempt at my Reborn Totem Raven Plushie. I got the head figured out now but am a bit stumped on getting the tail right.

Google did call me out on not having a proper name a few days ago, I didn’t have a last name in so I just am using a generic one of "Jones” right now. I hope it flies through the filter next time and they don’t ask me to prove Velody is my real first name. I really like their interface but I don’t like their rule about names. If push comes to shove I guess I could come up with the worlds most generic name and make another new profile.

As always though I can be found on Facebook & Twitter too. Just look for the icons in the top left sidebar.

If you have any projects that have been in progress for a long time but recently completed please share. Let us know what got in the way of finishing it up too.


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