Monday, September 26, 2011

The Domestic Witch’s: A Witchy Fitness Challenge

 I’ve decided to join the Domestic Witch’s Fitness challenge. After Wee Rose I lost all but 5lbs of the weight I had put on but from the increased stress over the past few months along with a few other things I’ve gained much more back on top of it. It’s something I’m definitely not proud of.

This seems like a good opportunity to step and be motivated with a clear goal in mind. The challenge goes for 3 months from October 1st to December 31st.

In our house the challenge will definitely focus around weight loss, exercise routine and portion control. I think we eat fairly good, though could benefit from a vegetarian meal or two a week. Really I think we just eat too much. One weakness in our house is the dreaded evening snack which can rang from a bowl of cereal to a piece of pie. So I guess the first thing to say is bye bye night time snack and then we’ll work on the rest.

So come on and join me in this and if anyone else is planning to join up let me know, we can keep each other motivated.


  1. HI. I am taking the challenge also so if you need some inspiration or some fitness or food ideas to keep you motivated come on over and visit me at my blog... I'm sure I will be here on yours for inspiration often also!

  2. Hi Velody! I am also taking the Challenge. I just thought I would browse through all of the other Motivators blogs and introduce myself. I am a fan of your kids' products :-) LOVE the new bib!

  3. Runmomma, Thank you so much. It's always great to have feed back on my items. Good luck too on the Challenge.



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