Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Try on the Raven

IMG_9300So I showed the pattern progress the other night and tonight I have pictures of the first attempt. It isn’t right yet so I have changes to make but from putting it fully together I know exactly what to change. This first creation is now the property of Lil ‘R who is very happy to have it. It’s now his bosom buddy I am happy to report and that brings a huge smile to my face.

Things that need to change though:

  • The neck is way to long.
  • I want the wings to be a little wider and shorter.
  • I’m doing to do the beak as a separate piece, probably felt.
  • The tail was a complete failure. Need a full redesign.

The final one will also have hand stitching to help with the shaping. This one was done using a jersey knit sheet. The material is very stretchy and stuffing it nicely so that it isn’t over stuffed or lumpy is a real issue. I learned a lot of good lessens though in my first run and I’m happy that though he isn’t shop ready he is still kid approved.

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