Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mabon Wreath

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September 23rd is the Fall Equinox this year and as I know it called by some it is “Pagan Thanksgiving.”
This year I decided to do a zero budget craft with the family, a Mabon Thanksgiving Wreath. The wreath is purposely made only of materials that are flammable so that if you so wish you could burn it as part of a magickal working.
  • Assorted branches
  • Twine (not nylon)
  • Construction Paper in Red, Yellow, Orange & Brown.
  • Single hole punch
  • Writing instrument
  • Scissors
  • Printer
Making the Wreath
    1. Collect branches from anywhere you can. We happen to have a couple of oak trees our yard that were happy to oblige us with some fallen branches. IMG_9325
    2. Break up the branches into smaller segments, I’d say no more than a foot in length.
    3. On a surface lay the branches something to resembles a circle. IMG_9329
    4. Use pieces of twine to sure the branches together. It will probably take quite a few pieces to do so.              IMG_9328
    5. Now the base of the wreath is complete.IMG_9330
Making the Leaves
  1. Save this graphic of all the leaves to your computer.FallLeaves
  2. Construction paper is typically bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 paper but I found that if you cut it to that size you can put it in your printer like any other paper and print the image on it. If you don’t want to print this directly onto the construction paper you could print them onto paper and make patterns for each leaf to trace. I found printing directly to be a lot faster.           
  3. Print the image but be careful to not have it “Size to fit the Page” or parts of the leaves will end up cut off.IMG_9332
  4. After the Leaves are printed cut them all out. IMG_9333
  5. Using the single hole punch, punch a hole in each leaf. This will be used to tie them to the wreath.
The finishing Up
  1. Now gather up the family or whoever is participating. On each leaf write something you are thankful for or makes you happy. Lil ‘R is a bit young to understand exactly what being thankful for something is so I just asked him what made him happy. IMG_9334IMG_9338
  2. Use bits of twine and tie each leaf to your twig wreath you previously made.                  IMG_9344
  3. Voila! Complete now place somewhere in your home, your altar or burn it. What you want to do with it is your choice.IMG_9347
I hope you all enjoyed this craft project. If anyone makes one I’d love to see it so post a link to the photo if you make one yourself. Maybe I should put together a flickr group.

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