Saturday, September 17, 2011

Messing up my first attempt at Bias Tape

IMG_9312I’ve never made my own bias tape. I’ve always just bought a solid color from the store at prices I always thought were a bit too much. Well for an upcoming item I wanted to make my own from this cute fabric I got at Jo-ann’s yesterday. If you’re a follower of the Facebook Fan Page then you already know I screwed up making it.

I found a great tutorial over at The Prudent Baby and I was following it along. It wasn’t until I was at the step of ironing that I realized that I misread how wide to cut the strips. Yep stupid mistake. I cut the strips to 7/8” not 1 7/8”. Yeah. To try to repair my mistake and not waist the almost yard of fabric I used I sewed the strips together and have something that is useable for home projects but not anything I can put in the storefront. I guess we learn from our mistakes right?

Here are some photos of my process that I put up as I was going along earlier.

IMG_9309 If you look at the blue marks you can see how thin they are. I should have caught my error right here but nope.

IMG_9310 My pile of cute strips.

IMG_9313My attempted fix.

IMG_9311The final project. It’s okay. But I’m still pissed off at myself.

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