Monday, September 5, 2011

Multi Use Cover All-In-One Diaper

Flip Diaper 9-04-2011-First Try (2)_2Last night I finally finished my first Multi-Use Cover All-In-One diaper. It's now in trials and I've started to work on a tutorial as I work out the kinks. I thought I'd provide some pictures and a description of exactly what it is.

The cover is made with PUL fabric which is a waterproof Polyurethane Laminate. I purchased mine online. The store is listed on the Links page. This diaper is similar to a pocket All-In One diaper except it doesn'Flip Diaper 9-04-2011-First Try (4)t have a pocket. Instead there are two tabs on each side where the insert slips into. The purpose of this is so at a diaper change you can drop out the insert into your diaper pail and add a new one without having to change the outside. Just use your judgement on when past to get a new outside, I'm experimenting on how often right now. I'm thinking at the moment whenever it is for a Flip Diaper 9-04-2011-First Try (1)_2BM change the entire thing.

The biggest plus to all of this is the inserts are easier to sew, or cheaper to buy/made. The largest expense is in the PUL covers of which you need many less. I'm thinking to make 6 or so. I already have 2 completed to add to my current stash. I'm trying to tweak a few things so that the covers have a bit more stability and the liners feel more secure.

Also PUL fabric is a PAIN to sew but with some google searching learned a few tips I'll share tomorrow and hopefully have the tutorial done, WITH PATTERN**!! Up by the end of the week.

** Pattern will be for size 6/9 mos on up. Wee Rose was always a chunky baby. Pattern could easily be made adjustable with the addition of snaps but I don't know the information or a baby to try out the size placements. I will research and see about adding them in the future. 

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