Thursday, September 22, 2011


Some how know myself before I started blogging and working on Treegold & Beegold along with a few of my more observant early followers may have noticed that I’ve done a clean up on my identity online over the past couple of days. Originally many things were linked to my Facebook account that I’ve had for years, it’s full of friends and family, Cityville games, and the whole lot.

Unfortunately last week I lost my job and am now hunting for new employment. My career field is engineering which is still a bit of a conservative old-boys club. Things are changing but I prefer that almost nothing about my personal life comes up by HR Departments.

As a result I’ve unlinked everything I can from my private Facebook account and created a alternative account, along with an alternative name, Velody. I’ve used this name off and on over the years and have always loved it. I’m never been one for Craft names. I am me no matter what I go by, no name is more profoundly spiritual to me then another. I also have a Google + account under this name.

The one nice thing about using a different name is the sense of freedom in being able to make everything 100% public and not have to worry. After many years of regularly Goggling my name to see what comes up this is a huge relief. I know some people frown on the use of false names because they believe it encourages troll like behavior. It may in some but I wish to create a full identity with this name, good reputation and all. I don’t want to sully this name anymore then I want to sully my real one. I just know that I need to keep the mundane world separate from this world for my families security.

Please join me on either Facebook and/or Google +. Or comment on whether you use an alternative name or your real name online.


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