Friday, September 30, 2011

Tutorial: Halloween Silhouette

IMG_9428Today I have a really simple and cheap Halloween decoration tutorial. It’s for a Halloween Silhouette to place in either your window, picture frame, or mirror. If you don’t have all the same supplies in the house you can adjust it if need be. For us this was a zero dollar project which is great but then I have a lot of odd things in my house. You’d be surprised what I can make with the odd and ends craft supplies laying around.



  • Poster Board
  • Pencil
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Brightlight
  • Tape


  1. Find a volunteer. I tried first to use Lil’ R but he was not up for standing still. I had to have Hubby stand in later.
  2. Tape the poster board to a surface so that the shadow of your volunteer falls where you want on the paper when you have a bright light shining at it. A desk lamp is perfect for this.IMG_9368
  3. Line them up for a nice profile and trace the shadow on the poster board.
  4. Your volunteer is now free.
  5. Modify the silhouette as needed. For mine I did a typical Halloween witch so I modified the nose, the chin and added the hat.
  6. Cut it out of the poster board.IMG_9425
  7. On a painters tarp or some safe surface spray paint your poster board black and leave to dry.
    • If you don’t have spray paint you could just paint it with any black paint or even use black paper instead of poster board.
  8. Put the silhouette where ever you want and just tape in place.IMG_9428

I hope you enjoy this simple project. I’m considering doing a more full bodied one if I can get Hubby to pose again. The next one may be a Frankenstein.

If you make your own please share pictures with us or let us know of any simple Halloween crafts you are making.


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