Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All Day Job Interview Today

I’m a very busy beaver right now. If you’re following me on Google + then I know you’ve seen some of it. I’ve shown off a few new items I’ve designed that have yet to make it into the Etsy shop including Mini Felt Witch Hats! But other than that I had a job interview yesterday. It is with a Marketing company and I’m still a bit iffy about it. In the interview I was told the position was for a customer service rep that would move into management within 6+ months. What worries me is the shear number of people they were interviewing. I saw 6 people at the time slot I went in at. I also received a call back very fast, just 2 hours later to do a full day interview today. Now if I see 6+ people there today I’m going to be wondering what is up. The interviewer said they did not do cold calls and there was no phone farm but I’m still wondering. As long as the job is decent and the pay is okay we really can’t afford to turn it down. I’m hoping though that it really is for a manager position and maybe they are hiring for all levels right now.

I don’t expect I can get into the field I was previously in any time soon, that being environmental engineering. So until then I’m just going to have to take whatever pays the bills. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is Pagan Culture Blog Party and I want to do a quick craft so I forsee tonight being a long long night! Plus Friday & Saturday I’ll be out at Greensong Grove Samhain vending. If you live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area  you should come out. They always do a great event.


Also don’t forget the Halloween Bow Giveaway contest that is going on until the 17th. There is still plenty of time to enter.


  1. Hi girlie,
    Just wanted to say good luck on your interviews, but also to let you know that a job/career doesn't define you. Your passions define you. So if you don't get this job for any reason, just forget about it and carry on!

  2. Thank you for the well wishes. Unfortunately it turned out to be a direct marketing sales job and commission based. That is something I definitely have zero interest in doing and I can't trust my families livelihood on something so unreliable.



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