Monday, October 3, 2011

Get off your Broom Challenge Begins

On the 1st started the Get off Your Broom Challenge so I thought I’d let you all know where I’m starting at. I’m extremely embarrassed to tell the world my weight because I’ve gained so much over the years from where I once was. Telling all of you though makes me accountable for what is going on and I hope the embarrassment will be motivation in itself. I’m not doing it alone though. Hubby put on baby weight too and needs to drop quite a few pounds. So this is our attack plan.

  1. First is to lose the snacks! It isn’t like we have potato chips around it’s just we have a ritual 9pm snack, often a bowl of cereal, or a couple of cookies. Bye Bye, instead I’ll get a glass of water.
  2. Portion control, we don’t eat out often nor do we buy overly processed food. We just need to rearrange our portions of what we do it and overall make it smaller.
  3. Start getting moving. How is still being discussed.

So where I’m starting.

Starting Weight – 213lbs (oh boy I’m back to where I was right after Wee Rose was born)

Goal: 193lbs

Progress: 0%

I will update weekly to let you all know how it’s going or not going. Damn I hate dieting.


  1. Jancine here. I'm proud of you for starting something! And just so you don't feel so self conscious, I'm gonna do something i don't normally do! I'm gonna post MY weight! ::deeep breath:: 278! So THERE! LOL! How do ya like them apples?! You can so do this! I was over 300 when I closed my shop in July. Take your time and make changes gradually, guys. :) Don't go drastic! Blessed Be!

  2. Thank you hun, and wow that's a great accomplishment! Keep it up and we'll do the same. :)

  3. I hate it as well, but I have to, or I'll deteriorate even faster. I'm using sparkpeople to track my food intake. I find that when I stop tracking, I fall back to snacking and I don't get enough fluids. I started at 202.8, and I'm now at 169.75. I hope to get to 145.5.

  4. I posted my weight too (a big 193 for someone my height) and it was hard to do. I'll be posting measurements later today. I had to drop the late night snacking as well some I've taken to eating an apple or something a little after dinner. Sort of a healthy sweet dessert.

  5. I've blogged publicly about weight loss before, but I never, ever dared put my weight down. And now, at the most I've ever weighed in my life, I'm doing it . . . It is mortifying, but it's also a huge motivator.

    I've been doing this for 2 months now and while I don't have a real loss to show for it, I have made some incredible steps toward completely changing my lifestyle and it's made a huge difference. Plus, the support I've receive - nothing short of amazing! And when someone tells me that I've helped motivate them - even better!

    You can do this! I'm right there in your corner :-)

    One of the things that has helped me has been to stop looking at it as dieting. I actually call this whole venture my "not-a-diet"! I've been on countless diets in my life. None of them have stuck. What I'm doing now is a lifestyle change and while the weight may not come off as quickly as it would if were to "diet" - I'm feeling rather confident that it will stick this time!

  6. Good luck to you on your goals!! Can't wait to see your progress! Blessings!



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