Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Memory

Halloween has always been a huge deal in my family. My mother who has always been crafty and sewn would make all of our costumes and we were encouraged to fashion our own out of items we already owned. The most we would ever buy were items like tails and ears.

We never missed Trick ‘or Treating

and we always carved pumpkins. For a few years when I was a child we lived in a large gated community. The houses were all on larger lots so walking from house to house was a bit much. Well my dad had a brilliant idea. He took a trailer we owned, hooked it up to a tractor, threw in some hay and carted myself, my brother, our cousins and some family friends around the neighborhood to Trick ‘or Treat. *It may seem odd that living in a gated community my dad had a tractor but he was raised on a farm in Ohio. No matter if he moved UP in life he was always going to be a farm boy.*

For the next few years my dad continued this tradition but it grew. At the height there were 3 hayrides going around the neighborhood. They were full of both kids and adults, as the adults had begun to bring adult beverages along. Most houses had buckets of candy at the door because everyone was out on the Hayrides! We were able to visit so many houses though. I remember a year were I filled a pillow case entirely full. I remember another walking from house to house with my cousin then waiting for the next hayride to come by so we could jump on. It became a bit like a Halloween bus ride service.

It only lasted a few years though because my parents divorced and we moved out of the community. My mom received calls for a few years from other families asking if we’d be hosting the hayride again. It was a wonderful thing for everyone.

I dream of doing something similar for my own children but I think to start I’ll just put some hay in their little Red Rider Wagon and pull them around.

Are their any memories you have as a kid trick or treating that you will never forget?


Don’t forget the Halloween Bow Giveaway contest that is going on until the 17th. There is still plenty of time to enter.


  1. I grew up in a very large neighborhood, but the houses were close together. We would be out for hours and only make it to a 1/16 of the neighborhood. I'd bring two pillow cases and they'd be full within 2 hours. Lots of people would give out whole candy bars and stuff. There were always select houses that would give out juice boxes. Those were my favorite, because by the time I reached them, I was dying of thirst! I Trick-Or-Treated all they way through high school. Senior year (I was 18) I went out for my last time. People kept asking "Aren't you too old to trick or treat?" I replied, you are never too old to dress up, have a good time, and get free candy. I was Batman that year...Haha!

  2. Lesley that sounds like so much fun. I stopped going my 9th grade year. It was the last time my middle school friends and I all got together and did something. I went to a different high school so after that we all sorta made new friends and went our separate ways.
    I'm so happy with having kids now it means I can completely get away with doing all of that stuff again to be part of the experience with them. :)



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