Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Humpday Linkyness Oct. 18th Edition

I think I’m going to start a new weekly edition here at Treegold & Beegold called Humpday Linkyness where I’m going to post 7+ things that I recently found that I think are of interest to everyone else.
These will likely fall under a few categories, Crafts, Cooking, Paganism or Geekiness. I hope you all like what I find.

Use a stencil to make quesadillas for your Halloween party at Hungry Happenings

How to Make a Sewn Leaf Garland at Craft Magazine

Spooky Spider at Disney Family Fun

Boo Plush Tutorial at Seremeres Blog

Chocolate Spider Web Cake in a Jar at I am Mommy

Mummy Meatloaf at Family Corner

Haunting Entry: How to Make a Sinister, Spiky Swag at Apartment Therapy

Spideriffic Welcome Banner at Celtic Mommy

I hope you like our first ever weekly Humpday Linkyness! I really like the Plush Boo Tutorial. Hubby wants me to make at least 2 of them for our house.


  1. Those are some very cute ideas! With 3 kids I am always looking for crafty things to do together! Thanks!



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