Thursday, October 13, 2011

All Hallow's Grim Blog Party: Mate-less Sock Black Widow Spider Craft Tutorial

IMG_9598Today is the Pagan Culture All Hallow’s Grim Blog Party and I said I would do a frugal Halloween craft for it. Honestly I’ve been really busy making new items for the Etsy Shop and getting ready for a 2 day festival this weekend so I was racking my brain last minute. I went through a multitude of ideas before I remembered my cute Halloween spiders I made years ago. I’ve decided to add a frugal element to this gal and I hope you like her.

The Mate-less Sock Black Widow Spider
I’d like to introduce you to the mate-less sock black widow spider. In this spider’s case she devoured her mate so that she could become a spider. She’s a bit reverse of your typical black widow spider but that makes her special.

I have this image of this black widow sock while in the dryer with her mate sending him to his doom of wherever lost socks go. He has met his oblivion so that she could be born again as this spider.
  • Mate-less black sockIMG_9581
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • 2 Googly Eyes
  • 5 black pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue
  • Black thread
  • Hand Sewing Needle
  • Red felt
  • Scissors
  • Take the pore mate-less sock and stuff until it is about 6 inches long. Using a toddler sock could be great for this. I happened to have an ankle high dress sock in my drawer.
  • Once you’re to a length you like stuff the remaining sock in on itself.
  • Sew the opening shut.
  • Pick what will be the top of the spider. I chose to have the seam that goes along the top of your toes on the bottom and using the hot glue, glue the googly eyes in place on the top of the head.
  • Take one of the black pipe cleaners and strangle the spider to make a neck. Twist it in place really well.
  • Cut an hourglass shape out of red felt and hot glue to the top of your spider.
  • Take the 4 remaining pipe cleaners and thread them through the collar on the neck you made before.
  • Twist them once and then arrange the legs so they resemble that of a spider.
  • Voila! One complete Mate-less Sock Black Widow Spider
If you want to also make a web and crochet this is a great pattern from Caron, Halloween Spider Web. It takes 3 skeins though, so it’s BIG.
I hope you liked the spider today. As always I strive to make my craft tutorials as frugal as possible so that anyone can do them. This one would also be a great craft to do with the family. Because I used hot glue this was a bit beyond Lil’ R. I know he would have ended up burned. We don’t want that of course.
Also don’t forget the Halloween Bow Giveaway contest that is going on until the 17th. There is still plenty of time to enter.


  1. That's cool! And the BF has got loads of black mate-less socks... so going to make some!

  2. Your black widow is too cute! I love it, thanks for the tutorial, I have a ton of mate-less sock.

    Wonderul AHG post!

  3. Totally cool project! I think I might make this with my niece. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What I especially love about this is it's something even the chronically non-crafty, like me, can do!

  5. That is a pretty cool thing to do with mateless socks. I'm totally freaked by spiders though and just looking at the second one in the pretty web kinda gave me the heebedie jeebedies.

  6. Perfect!!! This is a great halloween project to do with my girls, although they are 14 & 17 we still LOVE decorating for Halloween (may be the payload of candy we look forward to) Happy All Hallow's to you... I may give mine FANGS ;)

  7. Wow Velody, how amazing. We have enough mate-less socks at home to have our own 8-legged army. This is easy enough that my Little Princess and I can pull it off. Thanks for this great post. I'll show it to her, and I have a feeling we'll have to make some before All Hallow's Eve!

  8. Oh I love your spider, what a cute idea!!!!Happy AHG!!!!

  9. Thank you all for the comments. I'm glad that so many people are so excited about making their own Mate-less sock black widows. :) I may make a few more myself.



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