Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pagan Pride Day

Today I’m going to be away from the interwebs for most of the day because I will be out at one of our local Pagan Pride Day events in New Port Richey. Besides just participating in the festivities with the kids it will also be vending my items myself for the first time. This was a pretty last minute thing having learned about it only on Monday. The vending is free though so I thought it would be a great place to work on getting my name out there.

I bit of the history of Pagan Pride Days though. The first year being 1998 they now exist across the entire country and many internationally and generally are held around the Fall Equinox in September. This information was found at The Pagan Pride Project on what Pagan Pride Day should be:

Pagan Pride Day should be included several departures from the celebrations common to the Pagan community. Her proposal included the central core of what has become the Pagan Pride Project, three elements designed to increase community good will and public relations towards Paganism: a public ritual or celebration open to Pagans, non-Pagans, passersby, and onlookers; press releases and public relations activities designed to encourage positive media portrayal of Pagans and Paganism; and a food and materials drive for a local charity, food bank, shelter, or refuge, to symbolize both Pagan responsibilities to their town, city, or state and in honor of the various Thanksgiving holidays common to most Pagan traditions held around Fall Equinox. While many Pagan Pride Day celebrations have included more than this, every celebration ever held as a part of the Pagan Pride Project has included at least two, if not all, of these elements.

Unfortunately the website hasn’t been updated since 2008 so I don’t know if all Pagan Pride Events are now flying completely solo without the general guidance of the Pagan Pride Project or if someone else has taken it over.

If anyone has anymore current information I would love to know about it.

It’s actually my first Pagan Pride Day. I’ve attended loads of events through the years but oddly never a Pride Day. I’ll be giving a recap tomorrow with hopefully good news of sales and pictures to share!

Did anyone or is anyone going to a Pride Day in their city, if so please tell us about it.


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