Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tutorial: Yo-Yo Pumpkins


IMG_9775Welcome to everyone who has come here from the Real Witches of Halloween blog tour. First off I’m Velody. I’m not actually a self identified witch but I run with many of them. I follow a Heathen path, that’s a different post though. What I mostly do here at Treegold & Beegold is about parenting and crafting. I also make and sell items via my Etsy shop that are specifically aimed at Pagan/Heathen children. I just started blogging and selling full tilt in September so I’m still new but I hope you like my Tutorial I have today enough that you’ll continue to follow me.

A month back I found this awesome tutorial for Yo-Yo Pumpkins at Happier then a Pig In Mud. I knew I just had to try it so here you have it.

Yo-Yo Pumpkins


  • IMG_9761Pumpkiny Fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Dried beans
  • Fiber fill
  • IMG_9769Twine



  • Draw out a circle on your chosen fabric. I just used a fabric pencil and a piece of string. No it isn’t perfect but I didn’t expect my pumpkin to be. More precise methods would involve using a mixing bowl or plate as a template. IMG_9762
  • Cut out the circle.
  • Using a basic running stitch with the needle and thread. Making stitches around the entire perimeter of the circle. You don’t need to worry about them being neat and tidy they shouldn’t show once you are done.


  • Once all your stitches are done gather the fabric in BUT not all the way yet. Do not tie it off we still have to fill it.IMG_9767
  • I first put dried beans in the bottom of mine to give the pumpkin some weight. IMG_9768
  • Next put in the fiber fill and finish closing off the pumpkin. Be careful to knot it really well. I had my first one come open and I had to re-stitch the entire thing. Ugh!!
  • Next take the twine and you are going to cut 3 pieces the same length and one piece much longer. The 3 pieces of the same length should easily reach around your pumpkin and then some. Just make the other one a few inches more then that.
  • Group them all together and tie a knot in the middle of the length of the 3 shorter ones. The fourth piece will be even with your other 3 on one side and you should have a single longer tail.IMG_9770
  • Put the knot on the bottom of the pumpkin, the side without the opening. And begin to tie the 3 shorter pieces on the top. IMG_9771
  • The top will look a bit chaotic at first but gather together all the shorter pieces into the stock and leave the single longer tail free to finish it off.IMG_9772
  • Just a slip knot going up the grouped shorter pieces with the tail to finish up the stock. It doesn’t have to be very neat because well it’s a pumpkin and it’s rustic looking. IMG_9773
  • This is my final Pumpkin!!

Now go out and make your own pumpkins! These are super easy to make, take minimal sewing skill and are pretty quick. Please share your creations with us either by posting a link, on the Facebook Fan Page or on Google +.

I love seeing the creations everyone does!




  1. This is such a cool idea and easy! I'm putting it on my list of to do's. I might make a couple of these for Thanksgiving. I'd like to decorate above my cabinets in the kitchen and these would look adorable with some fall leaves and lights! Thanks for sharing Velody!

  2. You better take pictures and share them on your blog Lesley! I actually made 2 of them and they are both a part of the kitchen table fall center piece. They'll be sticking around until Thanksgiving.



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