Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Madness Recap November 14th Edition

Gosh are we half way through November already?
I need to get my butt moving on a few of my holiday projects or this month will be gone before I know it.
I’ve been getting caught up in custom orders and making new patches. As I write this I am stitching out a patch whose idea was fully conceived and edited from the involvement of people on Google +. It was wonderful to be able to create something with so much direct input. It became the most complicated image I have done yet. It’s stitching up nicely though.
Here is the graphic created to make the embroidery.
WheeloftheYear_SeasonsI also created three other patches.
They are all up for sale in the Etsy Shop.
IMG_9899IMG_9905IMG_9909 The last patch says Heathen spelled out in Elder Futhark Runes. I personally love that one a lot.
A custom order I am doing is adorable. I was asked if I could size up the crochet Acorn pattern and add a opening so that it could be a sleeping hammock for a flying squirrel. I was asked to make 2 since the owner has 2 squirrels. I just finished up the first one and was able to send a picture to the client. I hope she likes it.
Someone else expressed an interest in one for her sugar glider.

On Saturday Night we had our first Crafter’s Hangout over on Google +. A total of 10 people came through and we had a good time. We bounced craft ideas off of each other, talked about what we were going to do from holiday gifts and just chit chatted. We’ll be having our next one in 2 Saturdays from now.
Come on and join us, November 26th @ 9pm Est
You do not have to have a webcam or a microphone to come in. There is a text option.

Other than that, Life has been pretty quite.
I’m currently fighting with unemployement because I screwed up on the paperwork. I’m sure it’ll work out in the end but it’ll take a few weeks. Ugh..
I need my transcripts from college and letters of reference to get into substitute teaching. That is going to take time. I have looked into going to the local community college to get my teaching certification also. Since I have a degree in engineering I believe it would be fairly easy to get certified in math. It’s a subject that I know is sorely needed and I really love it.
As to the Domestic Witch’s Fitness Challenge. Yeah I completely fell off the wagon. I know why too.
We have no money to go out or spend on anything. We just got the food assistance together and the amount is staggering. I’ve been able to buy us stuff I haven’t bought in years because we kept out budget so low. I never bought cookies, or have we had so much candy around.
Somehow I need to find the motivation and will powr to get up and going. At the moment though it just feels like another chore on my long list of stressful things.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend and is having a good start to their week.
Anyone do anything exciting over the weekend?

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  1. The most exciting thing to happen to us was hubby got his cast off yesterday. Now all he has to do is wear a brace of some kind until his sprain heals. That's our excitent around here.



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