Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Madness Update Nov. 28th Edition

IMG_0031For everyone who celebrates I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday. It was crazy around here.
Starting last Monday, hubby and I turned the house upside down getting it clean and ready for Thursday. It was just my brother, his wife and their kids but we had been neglecting the house a bit. It was in some serious need of cleaning.
After having cooked a huge meal on Thursday, we immediately started decorating on Friday. We got the inside of the house on Friday and did the outside on Saturday.

Some pictures from around and outside of my house.


A video I took of Wee Rose Dancing along with a Snowman decoration.

One down, lots to go!
I did finish my first of what should be many gifts for the holiday season. I’m putting it together as a tutorial for later this week, a tid bit is the item also can be a decoration.
I hope to show off many of my gifts either in pictures, links if they aren’t original or tutorials if they are.

Otherwise I suck
That meaning I have gotten nothing else done. I have a new patch on the way but it isn’t complete yet. I’m almost working on about 4 other things but nothing new. The baby is making it so I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep and the older one is keeps trying to keep me from working.
When the holiday season is over I’m going to need a good long nap.
Now I am debating a nap or trying to work on something. Ugh decisions decisions!
Has everyone else gotten their decorations up yet? Do you have a problem with children or animals messing with things? I wish I could keep the kids out of the tree. LOL
Don’t forget to enter into our Yule Blog contest we have going. There will be 2 winners of a custom embroidered holiday ornament!


  1. We have our tree up, grandchild #1 has a birthday party on 3 December (her birthday is today). The cats & dogs are too old to care about the tree, but grandchild #3 isn't! Time to fetch #1 from school, frost her a little cake, & etc. Your tree is certainly a pretty one!

  2. I love your decorations and that was such a sweet video!

  3. Your decorations are beautiful! Love the video too.

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  4. Thank you all for the compliments on the decorations, they are a constant work in progress every year.

    The kids keep getting into them too. At least most of them aren't breakable.



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