Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Recap the Nov. 7th Edition

The past week can be summed up by Patches and Florida Pagan Gathering.
Creating Original Patches
Hubby asked me a few weeks ago to make up him
a custom Gears of War patch that I showed off last week. So far one of his online also ordered one. He also asked me to do one for Halo which I just finished the first stitching of earlier. It needs some minor modifications but I’m overall very happy with it.
This got me thinking and I asked via Google + what everyone would think of Pagan Patches. The positive feedback was wonderful so on top of the zillion of things on the to do list I’ve added at least 10 or so patches to be done by Yule. I just finished up the first that, a patch that says Wiccan Born.
The embroidered cube is moving along also as I’ve no created most of the designs.
I’m unsure why I keep getting distracted off of this project, it’s probably because of the shear size of it. It’s at 16 embroidery designs across the 4 cubes and 8 hand stitched designs.

Visiting the Florida Pagan Gathering
I’ve been going to the Florida Pagan Gathering or FPG for over 10 years now. My first event was Beltaine of 2001. I’ve missed festivals here and there and at one point missed almost 2 years of events. When I have gone though I’m normally on staff. I’ve worked at the gate, been in charge of volunteers, done the inventory and my last position was being in charge of the staff office. My replacement for this festival has already told me I can have my job back and he will happily return to being my assistant.
The only reason we didn’t go this time was because we didn’t have the funds to board our dog. We opted to just go for a day and our neighbors were nice enough to walk our dog for the two trips we would be away for.
It was a very difficult day with the kids, because they both missed naps. Lil ‘R has inherited my car sickness and threw up 10 miles from the site (of a 2 and a half hour drive). Thankfully there is a washer and dryer on site that the kitchen crew let us use. Lil ‘R was running around pants less for awhile but he didn’t seem to mind.
The weather was great though and even got chilly enough by evening for everyone to get some use out of their cloaks. I just added lining to Hubby’s cloak so I’m glad he got good use out of it. Lil ‘R was able to wear his Viking Knit Hat all day. He was so proud of it and out of that walking advertisement I got another order for an adult sized one. (They aren’t something I’ll be putting on the Etsy shop but if someone wants one I’ll do it on the side).IMG_9791
It was wonderful to see our festival family and talk to everyone. It made me feel so great when you hear your name shouted and see someone running up to you for a hug. The kids love all the attention too. Hell or high water we’ll be going at Beltaine.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I’ll be busy busy me. I have some acorn sleeping beds for some flying squirrels to work on tonight. This was a request from someone seeing the finished Acorn for the pattern last Friday.
Has anyone started their Yule/Christmas Crafting? I have so much in mind that I think I need to seriously figure out a game plan or as usual I won’t get anything done? Any tips on how to organize everything also?
Remember to stop by the Flickr Group with photos of your completed Acorn’s or other projects. Go by the Facebook Fan Page or join me on Google +.


  1. I've seen your 'Wiccan Born' patch on G+ and I absolutely loved it!

    I'm in Florida too! I haven't made it to any of the Pagan Festivities though... I really need to make more of an effort of getting out there and into the community. You make it sound so great!

    Thank you for linking up at PPBH and sporting our button!


  2. Kourney,

    where abouts in the state are you? I'm over in the Tampa area. I know many people active in public events across the central part of the state though so if you want so info on any of them before you venture out I can see what I can find out for you.

    Festivals can be wonderful, though I have been to events that just didn't go over well for me. It really depends on what you want out of an event.

    I love the idea of the PPBH! and hope to be a regular over there.

  3. Concerning the gifts, I'd recommend a list with all the projects you want to complete, and a second list with everything you will need. Then get your supplies and start. ^^

    (I usually make the smaller things first so I get to tick off items on the list, makes me feel better.)

  4. I have been wanting to go to FPG since last year but I don't have the money or the means of getting there. I am hoping I'll be able to go to the next one.

  5. I could get you a staff position no problems, that is just $30 then for your entrance, if you tent. It's $25 for a cabin bunk. You'd need to either bring your own food or the meal plan is $50. As to transportation if you can do the rest we can talk privately and maybe find you a lift. You're in pasco right Indygo?



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