Friday, November 11, 2011

Tutorial: Free Turkey Applique on a Toddler Bib


IMG_9953It’s Friday everyone and around here if  life hasn’t gotten in the way that means it’s time for a craft tutorial.

Last week when brainstorming ideas over on Google + I heard a lot of people say turkey. I listened.

Turkey_Pattern PiecesToday we have a free applique pattern of this cute turkey. I’m going to be putting it on a bib for Wee Rose but you could use it on anything you want. Good suggestions would be:

  • Place mats
  • Wall Decoration
  • Wreath

The Turkey if made exactly from the pattern is approximately 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches.

Now onto the project.





  • White Fleece (11inch x 15inch piece)
  • Fall cotton fabric
  • Fold-over elastic Red
  • Bias tape from Fall cotton fabric


Download and print out the document for the Turkey applique. Cut out all of the pieces of paper for the pattern.


Cut out from felt the appropriate number of pieces in the colors listed on the pattern. On the document I list the pupil in black felt. In creating mine I actually used a black permanent marker.

Cut the white fleece to a 11inch x 15inch rectangle.


Cut out the whole for the child’s head. Mine was a 7inch by 6inch oval that is 1 inch from the back of bib.


Put your turkey together and place all the pieces on the bib, or the project of your choice.


Remove all but the brown feather and the two orange feet. We will be sewing these on first because they are on the lowest level.

I sprayed my pieces lightly with spray adhesive so I wouldn’t need pins.


Sewing Machine Stitch Settings for Applique: zig-zag, width of 2.5mm and distance of 0.7mm.

Stitch on the Brown feather.


Note: When stitching on the feathers it is  not necessary to go around them completely. The bottom part of the feathers will be hidden from view by the body.

Stitch on the 2 Orange feet.


Repeat this with:

  • The 2 Red feathers.
  • The 2 Orange feathers.


  • The 2 Yellow feathers.

Stitch on the Brown Body Circle.


Stitch the 2 White Eyes to the Brown Head Circle. It is easiest to do this now.


Stitch the Brown Head Circle to the body.


Stitch on the 2 Red Gobbler pieces.


Stitch on the Yellow Beak. At this point I was having difficulty sewing all of the layers. I had to go over it multiple times because the needle was not catching properly. Go Slow.


Using the permanent marker draw on the pupils.


If you have done this applique on a different project then at this point you are complete with the tutorial.

Below is completing the bib.

Cut the backing fabric to match the White Fleece.


Straight stitch the two pieces wrong sides together.


Stich the Red Fold over Elastic around the neckline. I used a zig-zag stitch in matching red thread. Sewing machine settings were the default zig-zag settings, 3.5mm wide and a distance of 1.4mm.

When stitching Fold Over Elastic make sure that your piece is sandwiched between the two sides of the elastic and your stitches catch both sides.



Make bias tape from the fall cotton fabric. I previously have talked about making bias tape.


Using a zig-zag stitch sew on the bias tape around the entire edge of the bib.


The same note as the bias tape. Make sure that your piece is sandwiched between both sides of the tape and your stitches are catching both.


I hope you enjoyed the Turkey applique tutorial and I’d love to see any completed projects you make. Be sure to join the Flickr Group so you can share off your creations!

What project do you want to make with this turkey applique?

Leave us a comment below with your answer.

And please pass this little turkey along!

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  2. Wow, you are a talented sewer! I crochet and cannot sew to save me!

    I am hopping for the Witches' Ball tonight.

    I am a dark fiction author.

    Nice to meet you.




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