Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Madness Recap November 21st Edition: Cleaning, contest, Google + and a new patch.

IMG_9999Yule crafting season is here full swing and in the US Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I just confirmed with my sister-in-law Saturday evening that we’ll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house. I’m looking forward to it but I’m also already feeling the stress start to come on.
Hubby wants to get the house spotless. Not only are we having company over on Thursday, but Friday morning he wants to start decorating immediately.
On top of that I’ve been making things like crazy. If you follow us on the Google + Page, Twitter, or the Facebook Fan Page then you’ve seen some of our most recent items. I also have a few other custom items I can’t show yet because they’re gifts or not finished.  I’ve also been working on a new Contest!
Today is the beginning of Operation Attack the House. I’m taking as quick of a break as possible to get this post put together.

Yule Contest!
Tomorrow I will be announcing our Yule Contest. There will be 2 different contests going on.
Tune into both for the instructions!
A hint for the item being given away, the winner will be able to customize it!

Cleaning the House Though we are hosting on Thursday, thankfully no one is staying over at our house.
Step 1: Declutter & Dust
As I’m writing this we have decluttered & dusted the bedroom which is the farthest room on the second floor, I’ve also gotten the hallway done. I’m making Hubby dust the office and that will probably take him all night.
While doing this blog post I was multitasking. I was going through my multiple month back log of magazines and scanning in things I found of interest.
My Mother in Law has gotten me 5 subscriptions. I pay the most attention to Women’s Day and Good Housekeeping. They seem to have the best craft and recipes of what she has gotten me.

In this group we also need to do all the laundry. I think I will be folding while watching TV tonight.
Step 2: Bathrooms
We all know what goes on here and how awful that is.
Step 3: Vacuum and Sweeping
Hubby does the vacuuming thankfully but that leads the hardwood and tile floors to me. I hate doing floors but they are the thing that needs the most done.
Step 4: Clean the Kitchen & Start Cooking!
If all goes according to plan by Wednesday the only thing left will be to get the kitchen spotless and start prepping for Thursday.
I plan to make the pies Wednesday night and also prep breakfast.

New Items
I created 2 custom orders that I am now offering in the Etsy Shop.
IMG_9969The Acorn Hammock is one I mentioned last Monday that I was almost done with. I made the size of the opening smaller upon talking with the customer and I added ties to attach it to the little one’s cage.
IMG_9983I also completed a Triple Moon Goddess Sew On Patch. It is now available for $5 +sh. For the customer they desired a black background with a white symbol but I can easily change it.
There is now a new page here on the blog to showcase custom orders I have completed along with information on ordering.

Google + Pagan Parenting Page
PaganParentingLogoI have created a Google + Pagan Parenting Page. It will run similar to the Facebook Pagan Parenting Page just on a different platform. 
I’m not sure how Google is going to do groups or what there thoughts are but I wanted to get something started.
Both groups are open to anyone who is interested in being the a part of discussions about the next generation. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Teachers, future parents, etc. All are welcome.
Also I am looking for moderators to help with either group. I need some assistance coming up with fresh ideas to help stimulate discussion. Message me if you’re interested!

There is my Craziness that has been going on.
I have a lot lined up for the month of December.
I’m making a lot of my gifts for friends and family. I hope to display links to what I’m doing and tutorials for the originals.
I am also taking part in 3 Blog Parties. They are listed in the right hand side bar. If you know of any other parties please leave a comment.
For those here in the US what are you doing for Thursday? And are you going to hit any of the crazy Black Friday Sales?
We normally go to the sale but with income as it is Hubby may just go to Walmart to get the new Batman Game.

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  1. I like to go to the Jo-Ann Fabrics Black Friday sale, but this year income doesn't allow it :(



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