Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Awesome Things I found this Week: Cookies, Turtles, Melted Snowmen, Calendars & More

This week I found some very interesting posts.
There is yummy recipes, an easy craft, a more complicated sewing project, and crochet.

Russian Tea Cookies at Freckles: The Happy Heathen
I LOVE these cookies but have never made them. My Dad always makes them for me.

Turtle Pincushion at Craft Passion

Make your own Crackers at
Make your own favors or a great way to give a small gift.

Gingerbread Advent Calendar at Cozy Home Scenes

A Felt Stocking Ornament at

Yuletide Banana Bread and New Moon Summer

Marshmallow Melted Snowman at Truly Custom Cakery

Sweet Dinner Rolls at Castles and Carriages

Simple Padded Stocking at Annie get your glue gun!

Basic Crochet Stars at The Wolfdreamer

I hope you all enjoyed and be sure to share!


  1. Hi! Are you at Pinterest? I can invite you, if you'd like to. This looks like you'd like it here :-)

    With kindness, Ketutar

    1. Thank you but Yes I've been on Pinterest for awhile. In the right had side bar I have a button for following my boards. :)



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