Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Madness: Custom Ornament Winners, Toy Cube, Baby Snuggie

Yule_OrnamentI just did the drawing for the winners of the custom ornament. Thank you everyone for you entries. The 2 winners generated from were:
comment # 11:
& comment #2:
The winners have already been contacted and I hope to have there prizes out soon.

Baby Snuggie
Living in Florida we try not to use the heat when the weather turns. First we only have a heat pump. They aren’t very efficient. Second, it really isn’t that bad if you can snuggle under blankets.
Wee Rose still kicks her blankets off so I decided to make her a sleeper snuggie that she can’t remove. She’s been sleeping in it for 4 nights now. It’s a huge hit! She loves the thing.

It’s huge on her. It came about to be probably a 3T so she’ll have it for quite awhile. I may actually make a 2nd one for her so we have a spare for washing.
She looks so funny toddling around in it.
Hubby thinks I should make some and put them in the Etsy shop, possibly with custom embroidery (like a child’s name) or specific designs.
What do you all think?

Elemental Toy Cube Progress
I know I’ve been working on these forever.
But I’ve completed the first 2! I am happy to show off the Water and Earth cubes.
The amount of design time that goes into each cube is huge but future production should be much faster now that the embroidery is set up.

The other 2 should be done this week and the first set will hit the Etsy Shop shortly there after.

We’re busy as can be here making gifts for friends and family, new items for the shop, and decorations for around the house. I may have to do another update post in a few days just to cover more of it.
Are any of you also making gifts for the holidays? I’d love to hear what you’re up to.


  1. congrats to the winners, and i love the sleeper!! Not a bad idea-if we can afford one any time soon, i'll definitely have to put in an order :)

  2. Yea! Thank you :) The cubes are wonderful. All the 'made' for this season are felt stocking for grandchild#3 & felt tree ornaments. Next season i should have the 3rd cross-stitch stocking front done so that i may put all three together.



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