Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Madness: Fire Baby Cube, Computer Ups & Downs, Skyrim Patch, Holiday Gifts

Is January here yet? I’m dying here. My sewing machine seems to barely stop. I think it’s going to go on strike shortly.
But it’s time for our Monday Update around here at Treegold & Beegold.

This week I completed the 3rd Elemental Cube for Fire.


I only need to finish the Air Cube.
Unfortunately I have finished the design portion of one of the images and I can’t until at least tomorrow. Why tomorrow? Because my of what’s next.

New Computer Monitor!

Awhile back Hubby’s computer monitor stopped working. He had this awesome 22in wide screen Samsung monitor we got at a killer price on Black Friday in 2007. I didn’t think we had a service plan anymore. We just bought him a replacement monitor and that one went to sit in the garage to collect dust.
About a month back he was cleaning the desk and stumbled upon the service plan. It ended the NEXT day. I grabbed the monitor and rushed to Best Buy. They sent it out to be fixed.
Now I have that monitor for myself now that it’s back.
Now why this means I can’t work on graphics.
My video card blew out about 2 months back. IMG_9438
This is a picture of the card. You can see the blown capacitors. To make due I grabbed an old video card from an old computer in the house. The video card does not support wide screen resolutions.
In a gist, all my images are stretched width wise. I don’t trust making any graphics when they won’t be represented on the screen properly.
With some help from a good techy guy on Google + I picked out a good but affordable video card and new power supply on Tigerdirect and I hope they will arrive tomorrow.
I’m so anxious. With those 2 new things my computer should run like a dream. I learned in this process I have only a 200w power supply in here. My computer is severely underpowered (probably what led to burning out that video card too).
The best news was I was able to pay for it all with profits from my sales of the store. Oh did that feel good.

Skyrim Patch

IMG_0068I can’t believe how well my Skyrim Patch is selling, by well I mean I’ve sold 6 in 2 weeks. I really wish my Pagan items would do as well. I think I need to try marketing them more to physical stores though. Maybe online just isn’t the right location for them? No matter what I will always run my own shop online. Gotta love the on the fly lessons in marketing I’m going through.

Holiday Gifts

I’m trying to make holiday gifts for our family also and I’m worrying that I’m not going to finish in time. UGH!! It’s just so much. For the gifts that are going to my in-laws I need to be done by this Friday.
That’s my personal deadline.
I finished one part of my sister-in-law’s gift, my brother is done. I haven’t even started on my mother. No clue what to do for my step dad. And no idea for my mother-in-law’s husband.
Guys are so hard to make stuff for.
Any good ideas out there?

Are any of you making gifts for this holiday season? If so what are you doing?



  1. Only felt stockings for grandchildren this year. Still have one counted cross stitch stocking face to go before i can add a few beads & turn in for next season!

  2. The elemental cube is so cool! Maybe I can still make something like that for my youngest niece, but it's an aweful short period of time before the holidays are upon us!



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