Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday Madness (Late): Holiday Gifts, Yule, Christmas, Being Sick

IMG_0398Yes I know it’s Tuesday and not Monday. I’m running a bit behind today. I even missed last week so here is a rundown of where we’ve been.
Santa’s Elves were fast at work here.
The Saturday before Yule (the 17th) we drove to my mother and step-father’s to visit and have a nice lunch. The kids are always happy to see Grandma and Grandpa. Though I look forward each time to it  being slightly easier as the kids age.
Sunday (the 18th) turned into the never ending
errand run.
  • First a run to walmart for a gift for Hubby,
  • then deposit a check,
  • then to pick up a USPS Flat rate box
  • Toys ‘r Us to get a gift for Lil ‘R.
    • They had one of the Imaginarium train tables marked down 40% and combined with some Toy ‘r Us gifts cards we had squirreled away it didn’t cost us much.
    • Wee Rose will be getting Lil ‘Rs current table we had found in a thrift store as a play table in her room.
    • There was a snag though. After paying for it they check the back to find out they are out of stock. So they refund my money and call the nearby Baby’s R Us that happens to have one to hold it for me.
  • Stop by Michael’s because they are having a 4 hr sale of 20% off everything. I got stocking stuffers from the $1-$3 aisle.
  • Stop at Good Will in hopes of some cute kids clothes, no such luck
  • Finally at Baby’s R Us to get the train table.
Whew! That all took 4 hours. Sunday night we had to finish packing up all the gifts to send to the in-laws in that Priority Mail Box I picked up.
The rest of the week was a mad rush to finish making Holiday gifts, preping for Yule.

For Yule

We just had an extra special dinner of roast chicken with the fixings. We let the kids open one gift each. I also made a Yule Log candle holder this year but unfortunately it wasn’t complete in time. It’s all ready for next  year though. I also made a second as a gift for some close friends of ours. IMG_0317
All of this was curtsey of our oak tree out front and a branch it dropped a bit back. The branch had dried out nicely on the wood pile.


Christmas Eve we spent at my brother’s house and of course Christmas day was a big day. We do open most of the gifts on Christmas in our house and watch non-religious holiday movies mostly about Santa, snowmen, Rudolph and the importance of family. Our kids made out like bandits. Mostly because we’d been buying up gifts all year we found 2nd hand like on Craigslist, yard sales, or thriftstores. Also items at deep discount clearance. I’m thankful our kids are young enough not to care if something is second hand but I also hope when they are old enough they still won’t care.

My Time as an Elf

I was going to show you pictures of all the gifts I made but it seems I didn’t take pictures of them all. I swore I did though. Urgh..
What I made included the pillow covers for my mother in law.IMG_0019
A Nook cover for my Sister in Law. It had her name embroidered on the front and a nice border in silver thread.
I also made many a sock snowman. These guys are so easy and cute. The tutorial on how to do them can be found here.IMG_0316
A set of fabric boxes for my other sister in law along with a fabric purse.
IMG_0114I’m thinking of taking the fabric box idea and applying it as a toy item. 4 or 5 boxes stacked in each other in the elemental colors. Possibly some embroidery on one side.
I also made some more of the holiday ornaments for the family members.
We had some bought gifts thrown in but to keep cost down I tried to make as much as possible.
Everyone including neighbors also got their own Lumps of Coal.IMG_0400

Illness Runs Rampant

Starting about 2 days before Christmas illness came into the household. Hubby has a basic cold first. Then, on Christmas Eve both of the kids have fevers but nothing else. Christmas day I have both by bedtime. It seems I’ve had the worst of it, yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping. My body definitely needed it and though I’m not 100% today I’m definitely functioning.
Hopefully as I get better through the rest of the week I can also get back into the swing here. I had a load of great ideas for new products.
I’d like to introduce more digital products too. What would everyone’s thoughts be on that? Such as patterns and graphics.
That’s our update here.
I hope everyone had a great holiday and that no illnesses have touched your house.

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  1. Youngest two grandchildren have colds here, as well. My sinus pressure finally eased up off of the sore tooth. Other than that,we had a great Yuletide! The 'coal' is awesome! Saving if for next year :)



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