Friday, December 2, 2011

"Christmas” Tree Throw Pillow Cover Tutorial

IMG_0019My first completed gift for Christmas/Yule is this “Christmas” Tree throw pillow for my Mother-in-Law. She decorates everything for the holiday. Last year when I was visiting I noticed that she had many large throw pillows but they were plain.
Since I am trying to make as many gifts as possible this year, I thought this was a nice idea.
Unlike my normal projects this one was a bit off the cuff. I did few exact measurements so take this and run with it.

Start with the Pillow Cover Front Base
I started with a 18 x 18 inch square of Off-white Linen.
IMG_9987I cut strips of the festival holiday fabric in 4 inch wide strips. I had only purchased 1 yard of the fabric so I cut the strips 36 inches long.
Sew the strips, right sides together, to the Off-White Linen. IMG_9990If you have enough you can miter the corners like I did in the Ancestor Altar Cloth. Or if like me you didn’t have them long enough just sew them square. IMG_9989

Time to make the Applique Design
This is where I really free handed it. If you’d like to see another applique I have done check here.
To make the tree I first drew a triangle that was 12 inches wide and the base and 12 inches tall. I created guides to make the spikes every inch.IMG_9993
Using the guides and a ruler I drew the angled lines.IMG_9994
Cut out the tree, spikes and all. Yes it’s a bit tedious.
Sew the tree base onto your fabric be careful about centering it. Use coordinating thread.
Cut a 2 x 2 inch square of brown felt and sew it on as the tree truck with a coordinating thread.
Cut a star shape out of the yellow felt and sew it onto the top of the tree. I used gold metallic thread but a coordinating thread would work also.IMG_0005
Here I used one of the special stitches on my sewing machine and the gold metallic thread to stitch on the garland. Using Ric Rack tape could work really well here.
Cut out the ornaments in red felt. I used a circle template tool. I bought this at an art supply store when I was an undergraduate working on my engineering degree. It was really useful to do diagrams and now it’s handy when drawing circles. IMG_0001There are 12 ornaments on my tree. Sew them all on in a coordinating thread.IMG_0003
Using gold metallic thread and the zig zag stitch on your sewing machine stitch the caps for the ornaments. I had to set my zig zag stitch to the widest setting possible. IMG_0007
The front is now complete.

Finishing the back of the Pillow Cover
Cut 2 14 x 25 inch square pieces from Red Linen.
Hem one of the 25 inch sides on each piece.IMG_0021
Lay down first one piece lining up the 3 un-hemed sides with the Pillow Cover front. Right sides together. Use only a straight stitch. IMG_0022
Repeat this with the other piece of Red Linen. The pieces will overlap and leave an opening to get the throw pillow in and out of. IMG_0024
Clip the corners. If you don’t when you turn the cover right side out you’ll have bulky corners.IMG_0023
Go around the entire edge with a zig zag stitch. Linen frays horribly and this will help keep it in check.IMG_0025
I hope you like the tutorial. I will be making a second one so my Mother-In-Law has a matching set. IMG_0019
(I don’t think she reads my blog, I really hope so, lol)
Next up I’ll be doing a tutorial on making simple holiday bows from wired ribbon. They’re a lot easier then you think. You can use them all over the place also.

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