Friday, December 30, 2011

Tutorial: How to make a Tablet Case

image2840We picked up Hubby a HP Touchpad when they dropped ridiculously low in price a few months back. Yes I was at my local Best Buy in line before they opened to get it. But he loves having a tablet so it was worth it.
He’s been nagging me since he got it though to make him a case and I finally did. I thought I’d photograph the steps too while I was at it and share if with you all. Yes my Hubby is very Goth so that’s what led to the color and material choices. He loves how it came out.
This is a really simple case, nothing too fancy and the dimensions can easily be adjusted to whatever tablet you have. I basically did the same thing for the case I made to fit my Sister-in-laws Nook Color.


  • Fabric for the outside
  • Fabric for the inside
  • Optional accent fabric for a pocket
  • Cardboard
  • Elastic (It will be visible so I chose Black Braided Elastic)
  • Batting
  • Button

The Process

Measure the tablet and don’t worry too much about being to the 1/8th of the inch or something. Hubby’s tablet came out to 7.5” x 9.5”.
I did some embroidery on the outside cover fabric first before I cut it. This of course is completely optional.IMG_0440
I cut the outside fabric piece to 20” x 11.5”. The 20 came from 7.5” + 2” then doubled. Because of the batting and the cardboard you need a generous amount of extra fabric. Plus you want the cover to be just slightly bigger then the tablet all around.
I cut a 2 pieces of the inside fabric to 20.5” x 11.5”IMG_0441
Then I Cut 2 pieces of the batting to 20” x 11.5”IMG_0453
For the pocket, I cut a 4” x 4” square. Hubby only wanted something to stick his screen cloth in, nothing else.IMG_0443

Making the pocket

Fold over and stitch along one side of the pocket. I folded it over 1/4”.
Press over the 3 other sides 1/4”.IMG_0445
Stitch the pocket to one piece of the inside fabric. Wrong side of the pocket to right side of the inside fabric. Make sure you have the pocket facing up and stitch around the 3 pressed sides.IMG_0446

Determining the Elastic

Lay your tablet onto your second cut piece of inside fabric. Determine the length of the elastic by laying it under the corner of the tablet and taking it to the edges of fabric across each corner. For this tablet each piece of elastic came out to 7”. Make sure the elastic goes over the edge of the fabric fully. You need to make sure this is secure. IMG_0448
We’re only going to stitch down the elastic along the inside seam first. Place the 2 pieces of elastic down that will be caught in the middle seam.IMG_0449Keeping the elastic in place lay the 2 pieces of inside fabric right sides together and pin where the elastic is.IMG_0451
Stitch them together.IMG_0452

Inside and Outside Together

Put one piece of batting under the inside fabric and lay down the placement of the other 2 elastic piece.IMG_0454
Place the outside fabric on top of the inside, right sides together and double check that up is up on both. Then put the other piece of batting on top.
Now carefully pin everything together. Take special care to pin the elastic, corners and mid seam.
Stitch around only 3 sides. Make sure to leave the bottom open. Then clip the corners. I used the zig zag since both fabric I’m working with in this are horrible at fraying.IMG_0457
Turn everything so it’s right side out.

Adding the Closure

It may have been better to do this step before putting the inside and outside together. Especially if you want to do a different type of enclosure.
I added a button to the front cover.IMG_0459
Then I used 3 pieces of crochet thread knotted together at one end and threaded them on an embroidery needle. I passed this through the seam at the back side of the case. You can see the placement was between two of the pieces of elastic.IMG_0460
I then braided a few inches of the thread, tested it with the button, rethreaded the string on the needle and passed it back to the inside.IMG_0461 Once on the inside I knotted it all together.IMG_0462

Adding the Stiffness

Before cutting and add the cardboard we need to separate the compartments. There will be 2 different pieces of board and I don’t want them to slide together. First I stitched along the ditch of the center seam. I did not go all the way to the bottom on the open side because we will need to turn it under later. IMG_0464
Time to cut the cardboard. For this case I cut 2 pieces to 9 3/4” x 8.5”. And carefully feed them between the 2 layers of batting.IMG_0465
After both pieces are together comes the last and most annoying part. Fold under the fabric to close it off and pin it. Take extra care of the 2 remaining sides of elastic. Make sure they are taunt. IMG_0466
Stitch along the entire bottom. I won’t mince words that the cardboard makes this a bit touch. My pressure foot kept being guided off by it. I needed to go very slow.IMG_0469
Trim all your loose threads and you’re done!
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial this week. It feels good to be getting back into the full swing of things. Next up is finishing up the Air Elemental cube so I can get the first set up in the  Etsy shop.
I hope everyone has a great Friday and a Happy New Year.


  1. Nice case!

    I think you meant "thread" here: "Then I used 3 pieces of crochet **fabric** knotted together at one end and threaded them on an embroidery needle."

  2. How lucky we are that there are ipad cases that can be made on our own. Here we can express our personality and custom the design we wanted. Also, we can assure that the case we are making is really protective because we can adjust on the materials we are going to use.



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