Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Open Letter to the Smallest Munchkin in the House

Dear Wee Rose,

Mommy seriously needs to get some sleep. She thinks you are now plotting her demise in a passive aggressive manner. Car crashes from falling asleep at the wheel are not unheard of. It is known that right now you claim this so called pain is from "teething" is what is making you so cranky and waking up but we're starting to question it. You've had your needs met, been given tylenol, been given Orajel, cuddled and warm milk but yet 5 am seems an except able time to cry out. The rest of the house would care to differ with you on that and we solemnly plead with you to refrain from such needs of attention during the night.

Thank you,

Your exhausted Mother

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cool new tool: Pinterest


I have joined what appears to be the newest crazy, especially in the DIY/crafting world. It's called Pinterest. It's basically a virtual bulletin board that you can share socially. It doesn't take the place of Evernote for me for my own personal organization but it seems to be a great way to share.


Come on over and join in and look me up.


I've created multiple boards that I am slowly working on trying to fill up and at the moment

they include:


Over time I hope to transfer some of the large amount of things I have saved in my Evernote (see the links page of the blog for the link to the full list) that I think are really good to pins. Right now I'm finding Pinterest to be a great place to discover new blogs and projects.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Projects Update

Just an update post to say the progress of what I'm working on. Unfortunately I have a lot that is just in progress.


Purple_Yellow_Knit_Blanket_03-31-2010First Wee Rose's baby blanket is at about 70% completion.  This is where it was at last time I showed it, at about 30% complete.


Second is the new cloth diaper proto-type. It's cut and I've begun sewing. Unfortunately getting a decent amount of time to sit at my sewing machine is probably the hardest activity to get done in the house right now. I've even gone so far as to put it in the kitchen so I can try to sew in the 20 minutes or so I have after I get home and before I need to start dinner.


A few projects that I need to start and complete in the near future are:

  • A pair of baby shoes for Wee Rose.
  • An advent calendar for this holiday season.
  • Whatever Wee Rose's Halloween costume will be. (Lil 'R's was a gift so no need to make him one)
  • Also a few things that are plans to be gifts.


I really need to find some motivation don't I? I wonder if any would happen to be located under the couch cushions?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bread Makings

A bit late for Lammas but it is still the season for bread making.

As crafts go I've been working on Wee Rose's baby blanket and got past a major hurdle last night. A section I was dreading working on is over! Yeah.. Other than that no major progress has been achieved. I do have photos of the bread and the recipe to share though.



Above is a picture of my herb bread. I think it looks pretty darn good. Below is the recipe I used from allrecipes.com.




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