Friday, January 13, 2012

Follow My Blog Friday #3: How I got into Paganism

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FF#3 Question: How did you first get interested in Wicca, witchcraft, or paganism?
I was 15 when I was first introduced to Wicca. At the time I was going through a large amount of self discovery. I had made some new friends in High School and started to explore and the Gothic & Metal genres attire, attitude and clothes.
While in this I met a guy who was Wiccan. He told me about his beliefs and he introduced me to a small pagan store run in the local Flea Market. I spent the rest of High School hanging around that shop talking with people and reading. Some days I still miss it.
A personal add-on. How did I become interested and first discover Heathenry

About when I was 20 I started looking more into the Norse dieties, specifically Freya. I had begun researching here when I was introduced to a friend of a friend who was Asatru. He gave me some information and off I ran. Through the internet I found a local group that didn’t last for very long but I was enough to know I was more or less in the right place.
I’m once again going through another searching mode. After I learned I was pregnant with my son and a few other personal issues occurred, I decided to take a step back from my involvement in the community. I’ve questioned my beliefs in the Gods and spiritual beings. Through it all though I’ve stood strong to try to hold true to the ethics and values of Heathenry, even when I don’t always succeed.

Wow so that turned out to be a lot more then I first thought it would. I was also tagged in a Meme post a few days ago. I’ll try to do that one tomorrow.


  1. I think with paganism we are always searching and asking questions in a effort to progress our understanding. With ethics and values if they were easy to achieve there would be no achievement. I struggle to and often fail, but if we hold true to those beliefs and do our best at least we know we've tried.

    J x

  2. I can totally understand where you are coming from! I know for me at least, its always evolving and changing. Perspectives are shifting and my thoughts on things change with that shift. Some may call me wishy washy, but really, I'm just learning and discovering what is out there...


  3. Who says you have to have it all figured out? Who really does anyway? You just do whatever you need to do, believe what you believe, and doubt what you doubt (?!). It won't hurt anybody.



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