Monday, January 16, 2012

It’s Monday: Crocheted Elemental Shakers, Kits & Soft Pretzels


Newest Shop Item Elemental Shakers

IMG_0653I created a new item late last week, Crocheted Elemental Shakers.
I can’t link them to the Etsy shop though because the first set I made sold within 30 minutes of my posting them! I’m working on my 2nd set right now. They’ll be $16 when posted.
I won’t just be selling the completed items though. For those who love to make things yourselves I’ll be having up 2 different kits.
  • The first kit will be $9 and include everything but the tools needed to make all 4 balls.
  • The second kit will be $6, it will include only the directions and 1 set of the embroidered elemental circles.
  • The embroidered elemental circles and plastic capsules (the shaker inside) will both be available separately. Prices will vary depending upon the quantity.
I’m working on the final edit of the directions right now and will hope to have the listings up in the next day.

Others have already come up with some great ideas of what to do with these Elemental Balls if they got a kit. Some of the suggestions include:IMG_0654
  • As quarter markers in a children’s ritual.
  • Adding elemental correspondences inside the balls, make it a teaching lesson.
  • For simple elemental spells.
I’d love to hear any other ideas of what could be done with these balls Other than what was the most obvious to me, as a toy.

Soft Pretzels!

Last night I decided to finally try Castles and Carriage’s Soft Pretzel Recipe.
My pretzels don’t exactly look like your traditional pretzels, they have the right shape just they look more like pretzel rolls. 
They are yummy though! Hubby loves them, as does Lil’ R. They’re both mustard fans so I just warmed them up and served them with a dollop of mustard. They were happy campers. I’m a cheese sauce fan. Unfortunately a bit trickier. Velveeta to the rescue.
This is definitely a recipe worth trying.

That was it around here for this week. I still have to do the post for the meme I was tagged in. I’ve been tagged 3 times so it’s going to be one hell of a post! lol
Hopefully I’ll have that up tomorrow.
I hope you all had a great weekend and if you have the day off today enjoy. Make sure to remember why also.

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