Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Madness: Post Holidays, Air Baby Cube, Creative Spaces

It’s now 2012.
Every year when the date turns over I have a bit of a surreal feeling. Surreal but Nice. A realization of how much has gone by and where I was X many years ago. But I did the flash back post yesterday so today is onward.
Really not much has gone on. This past week I was getting back into the flow of the blog and networking after the holiday. A long with getting the house back into some semblance of order.

An Awesome Present from Hubby

Hubby surprised me with this gift for the holidays. It’s a book I’ve been eyeing for awhile. Not really for the patterns exactly as they are. More so is I wanted it for all the techniques used to make these little guys. The author is so inventive in what materials are used to make what. Such as, all the armor?
It’s  milk carton with fabric mod podged to it.

Air Elemetal Baby Cube in Process

I was hoping to have this completely done today but as usual life had other plans. Really it was a trip to Joann’s and Michael’s that did it.
They’re time sucks I swear! I walk in and an hour later I come out. Evil I say. Evil!!
Here is a sneak peak at 2 of the sides. I haven’t even cut the fabric down to the final size yet! Now just 4 more sides to go.To see pictures of the Earth Cube, Water Cube and Fire Cube just follow the hyperlinks to the past posts.

Further Reorganization of my Desk

As I work at my tiny desk space I keep tweaking it. I believe I’ve finally begun hitting upon things that really work. IMG_0264
In the middle of the holiday rush I changed things around to this set up.
Originally my sewing machine sat on my desk to the right of my monitor. Where the green fabric is. To have any space to work I would have to take the machine off of my desk though. If I had a piece of embroidery going I couldn’t take advantage of the available time to work on a different project.
This set up has been working great after about 2+ weeks of using it. Yesterday though I tweaked it a bit. I added hooks under my little shelf on the right side to hold my scissors and I added a basket for all the little stuff I’m currently working with.
A side story about the basket. I found it at Michaels when they had them marked at 60% off. It was missing a single button where the yellow one is. That was it. They knocked off another 20% because it was damaged. I came home pulled out my buttons found the yellow one, added a bit of hot glue and Voila!! I have complete and cute basket on the cheap.
I really like to keep my tools close as I work. The wooden box is actually a silverware organizer we used in a small apartment that had no drawer that would fit a normal drawer silverware holder. After we moved it really didn’t have a good use until I stole it for my crafting tools.
I know I’m going to do some tidying up. My containers are a bit of a mess.
I wanted to show you all my creative corner of our office and where everything comes from. It definitely gets nutty at times and I start taking over space on the floor to hold fabric. Hubby begrudgingly puts up with it like a champ.
Do you have a dedicated space you can be creative at?
I hope everyone is having a great start to 2012. I know I am.


  1. I love what you've done with the air cube so far. Super cute! I want a baby to buy these for. Please stay in business so I can buy awesome baby toys from you in 5 years.

  2. Thanks hun, :) I hope in 5 years I'm still around and hopefully bigger.

  3. We have a small bedroom with a daybed. I have my computer cabinet, two plastic chests with a board across for my craft area. Right now it holds the new iMac. Everything that was on it is on the bed now.

    You may have a small space but you seem to have it arranged so that it works for you. I'm going to have to look at mine again as see what I can do. You have inspired me!!!!



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