Sunday, January 1, 2012

So Long 2011 You were an Okay Year

First off I in no way think the world will be ending this year. I think the Mayans just decided at some point they had to stop their calendar. I mean were they supposed to keep carving forever?
With 2011 almost gone I thought I’d look back over it.

Starting Treegold & Beegold

I started up Treegold & Beegold this year.
It was right before Beltaine that I had my first items on the Etsy shop, created the blog, email addy, etc. I didn’t have the time to commit to it for awhile though.
In September I was laid off my job. I’m still trying to think of this as a good thing. In the few months since then we’ve seen good growth here. I have a fair following here on the blog, through the Facebook Fan Page, and through the Google + Page.
I’m proud of where we are but we have so much farther to go. First and foremost is creating more items to increase our selection of inventory. I also am happy with our weekly tutorials and they seem to be getting good reception. I hope to keep that up.
I also want to do more crafts specifically for the sabbats and holidays. I’m currently trying to think of something for the Imbolc or Freyr Blot in February.

Home Life 2011

My years with my family didn’t just start in September like Treegold & Beegold. I would have to say that the beginning part of the year was pretty normal.

The kids had a great Egg Hunt for Ostara

Well really only Lil ‘R. Wee Rose was a bit too young to help out much.

Wee Rose had her 1st Birthday and Lil ‘R had his 3rd.

Wee Rose and this was her cupcake for her birthday
Lil ‘R and his cake. Don’t be confused by the #2. His cake represents Edward who is the #2 train on Thomas and Friends.
I did make both of their cakes. Even if I’m not the greatest decorator I like that I have made every one of their cakes and will continue to do so while they are little.

The kids Hammed it up for Halloween


The Kids Loved their Visit from Santa


I hope everyone had a good 2011 and I hope to an even better 2012!
Did something extra significant happen to you in 2011?

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