Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tutorial: Seasonal Question Wheel made with Scrapbooking Paper

IMG_0641I asked on the Google + Page what people would be interested in and I was asked to do something involving stacked scrapbook paper. This is an entirely new area for be but I have been wanting to experiment.
For the holidays I was given a set of decorative scissors I’ve been dying to try out. I dove straight in and I hope you like my idea.
I almost scraped this entire project, about half way through I realized my original idea wasn’t going to work and I had to change gears. Please read this fully before trying to follow it. I’ve tried to correct it in the tutorial but please pay special attention to the italics that are the corrections. The pictures give away my mistake.



  • Pieces of scrapbooking paper to represent each season
  • 3 pieces of paper to be the structure. 2 parts will be visible.
  • A piece for trim work
  • Mat stack of general colors for details
  • Letter stamps
  • Black stamp pad
  • Brads
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • ruler
  • compass

Making it

I cut out two 5 1/2 in diameter circles of my backing paper.
Also cut a 4 1/2 in diameter circle. 
Cut one 4 1/2 in quarter from each of the seasonal papers. This is best done by using a corner of the paper and drawing from edge to edge.
Here are the four papers cut out and placed on a 5 1/2 in backing circle.
My error it really should be on the 4 1/2 inch backing.
Glue all the quarters down. Make sure that the point goes to the center of the larger circle which is marked here with a black dot.

All four quarters are now glued down.
From the accent paper cut a circular strip that has an outside diameter of 5 1/4 in and an inside diameter of just under 4 1/2 in.
Glue it to one of the 5 1/2 in backing circles not on top of the seasons wheel.
Using your letter stamps, stamp the name of each season around the trim circle. Space them to each be 90 degrees apart.
Here was my wheel all stamped an glued together.
Using the remaining paper of the trim fabric I cut strips to place over the edges between the season papers. I used some decorative scissors to give it a nice look.
To fix my mistake I cut my season wheel so that the trim with the season names was separate. If you are paying attention to the italics this shouldn’t be necessary.
On the backside of the seasons wheel add a few pieces of cardstock. This is to act as a riser to things move smoothly.
Here I fixed my mistake and glued the stamped trim piece to one of the 5 1/2 in backing pieces. I also cut out a small circle in the very center of the wheel.
Here it is together. We now have 2 of the 3 wheels completed.
Now to finish
The last 5 1/2 inch wheel which will be our topmost piece. Working on the back of the paper I first drew a series of lines.
  • 1st two lines through the center that are perpendicular to each other.
  • 2nd a line on each side of that one 1/4 in away. This makes for spokes that are 1/2 in thick.
  • Only one quarter will be cut out. Pay attention to the circles because we will use those points as guides for determining of one the cutting areas.
I drew four lines with the compass.
  1. 1 inch from the center.
  2. 4 1/4 in from the center
  3. 4 1/2 in from the center
  4. 5 1/4 in from the center
The larger section will be cut out entirely to make one of our windows.
To determine the length of the upper window we’re going to use those three dots I mentioned earlier.
  • First line up your ruler with the dot on the left and the lower of the two dots on the right.
  • Draw a straight line between the arches at 4 1/2 in and 5 1/4 in.
  • Line up your ruler with the dot on the left and the upper of the two dots on the right.
  • Draw a straight line between the arches at 4 1/2 in and 5 1/4 in.
We have now marked all of our cutting areas. Using a ruler and your craft knife on a cutting surface cut out those areas.
Also cut a small circle in the center.
I used the piece we cut away to cut out 3 small circles to use as shims.
I glued them to the top of the Seasons paper wheel and put a slit through it for the brad.
Now to decorate the Front of the Top Wheel
I used my general color mat stack to cut shapes for each season.
  • For spring – 2 flowers
  • For summer – a sun
  • For fall – 2 leaves
  • For winter – 2 snowflakes (these were from a winter paper I happened to have but you could just cut out snowflakes from white paper)
I added a border between the season areas with an exclamation mark and wrote in my questions with permanent marker.
Here are each of them close up.
The Final wheel all put together.
The wheel with the seasons names on bottom, then the season paper wheel with the questions on top. There is a brad through all of them so they each spin.
You can ask your little one to match up the season paper with the proper word to answer the questions.
There are zillions of combinations you could do of inside papers and questions.
What would you put on your question circle?


  1. I love it! What a fantastic project! I need to make one of these.

  2. For me, it would have been helpful tro see the finished product before the tutorial. I really didn't understand what you intended to do until you were finally putting everything together. But, that's just me. ;)

  3. Ila thank you, I added 2 more pictures at the beginning to hopefully clear it up some.

  4. Oh, how neat is that! Love it! Thank you for sharing and for linking the post up to PPBH!




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