Friday, February 10, 2012

Community: It’s something We All Need

This weeks 2nd C post for the Pagan Blog Project has been a tough one for me. Originally I started writing about children and then I realized it was beginning to sound like a post I wrote back in October.

So I scraped that post and decided to go on a different topic.

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Communities – We have Many

Each of us is involved in many different communities in our lives.

Some of our communities overlap with each other and others are completely autonomous. Examples of communities you may be involved with are:

  • Your immediate family
  • Your extended family
  • Your Coven/Kindred/Church/etc.
  • A Pagan community in one area
  • A Pagan community in another area
  • Your neighborhood
  • Your job
  • Your best friends
  • An Online Community such as the Pagan Blog Project, Facebook, or other Social Media.

I’m sure each of you have different communities you are involved with then just this list. It’s only to stand as an example of possible ones.


Communities – They are Important

Now I’m going to share with you all a bit I’ve recently been learning in my teaching classes about psychology.

Human’s need social acceptance to function properly in society. That’s why we hunt out these communities.

For those curious as to how this relates to children, research says that for children to function well in school they Need social acceptance. It’s as important or sometimes more important then a child having a home, or food. Just think about what each of us does when the times are tough and this makes perfect sense.

We all need the emotional and psychological support that goes with communities. For us who follow a religious path a bit outside the “normal” it can make a world of a difference.

Pagan Communities

I’ve been personally involved in multiple Pagan communities through the years. I’ve been in a Coven, a Kindred, a Grove, and a University Group. I’ve been a student, a leader, a spectator, an officer and a staff member.

Some of the group were as small as a 3 person Coven, a 5 person Kindred, and a small weekly Heathen group. Others have been larger from a member of a 100ish member Grove, or a staff member for a large Pagan Festival.

From each I gained something I needed emotional, spiritually and mentally. Right now I’m mostly involved in Online communities and they serve a similar role in my life though still feel like I’m floating around a bit without a home base online. I hope to find that soon.

We all need others to talk to and don’t think their aren’t any others around you. Even if you think there aren’t make your own group. That’s what I did with the weekly Heathen Group. Though I’m no longer a part of it, it’s still going 8+ years later and I met a lot of wonderful people through it.

This has now given me an idea on doing a post about how to start a group in your area and get the word out to others.

Take a second and think about the different communities you are involved in, your roles in them and what you gain from that community.

If you’re up to it here are some sample questions you can either just think about yourself, leave as a response in the comments or do a post of your own about.

    1. What communities are you involved with?
    2. What types of roles do you hold in those communities?
    3. Are they similar roles in all of them?
    4. Are these communities fulfilling your personal, emotional and spiritual needs?
    1. If not, would you take the plunge to create one of your own?


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  1. Great post! I agree that community is very important to humanity. With the internet today it makes it much easier to find people ... local or not :) I'm part of two local groups myself, one a druid grove, and another an eclectic working group. Both groups fulfill different needs for me and I'm very glad to have them. I also participate in the broader online community and that too answers a need.

    1. Yes the internet can be a wonderful tool for finding or creating a community. (We've probably all seen the draw backs of course)

      Awesome that you have 2 different groups available around you. :)

  2. What a wonderful post! It is so true, we need community in our lives. One of my goals for this coming year is to reconnect with others. Lovely post!

  3. OMG I so wish I read this the other day! it would have helped me get through these past fews a little easier. however, I did reach out to several mentors this evening , so maybe my intuition knew I was going to read this.

    I have more involvement in online communities. Spokane WA doesn't have a very solid "adult-acting" pagan community. we do have a UU church on the other side of town but the peeps there are divided into 2 groups that just were not my cup of tea. And several meet ups, too. I prefer chatting over coffee with my grounded friends ... seriously.

    My goal .. eventually .. is to open my own shop and help build that kind of community where other Pagans can feel comfortable at, hang out if they want, enjoy the company of customers with like minds and not have to deal with the toxic drama of the world. I used to frequent a shop just like what I want back in Minnesota. And I miss is so much. I think that is why I want my own so badly .. for that feeling of community again ;)

    Thanks, Velody! This was a great post!

  4. Loved it. I am all about commuinty myself. Sometimes though it seems like beating a dead horse, so to speak to get anyone to get involved.

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