Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Madness: Back to School, Pom Pom Heart, and Sheep in Progress


Back to School I Go

I’m back in school for the third time now. This time around is definitely different specifically in the teaching styles of my instructors. For my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees it was very much a sit, takes notes and look to the front while the professor lectured.
Being as I’m now working on a certificate for my Teaching Certificate with the State of Florida my instructors are modeling what we should do in our own classrooms. That means group work, lots of discussion and engagement. In some ways I feel like I’m back in High School and honestly I really like it.
The class sessions are much easier to get through because paying attention in much less of a chore. I’m trying to absorb everything I’m learning and think of ways to teach math on these principles. At the moment it’s tough though. Math is not a simple subject to make fun. I’m sure with a bit of a Google search though I could find some blogs with great suggestions.
Tomorrow though I need to go get finger printed so I can do my in class time at some schools.

Pom Pom Heart

A few days ago I came across this cute and simple tutorial for making a pom pom heart. It’s so perfect for Valentine’s Day and Really it’s so simple.

1st: Make a Pom Pom out of the yarn of your choice. They even show making one without a gadget.
2nd: Trim the finished Pom Pom so it looks like a heart.
Yep That’s it!
Here is my first attempt. I think I need to trim the bottom a bit more to get the point right.

Sheep in Progress: Sneak Peak on the next Tutorial

I’m currently working on a new tutorial for another Sock based critter. This time it is a sheep.
I have the main body almost done and the base for the legs. Next up is what may be the tricky part, making is not look like a shorn sheep.
Yes I know it doesn’t really Look like a sheep here but I promise think a bit and he will.

Unfortunately I didn’t get anything new this week for the shop finished. I have the ideas but school got in the way of my time. It’s definitely going to be a juggling act from here on out.
I am currently mulling over the idea of doing a regular newsletter, it would probably be bi-weekly.
Except to see something in the next month and be sure to sign up. The material in it will be different then what I post here in the blog.

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