Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Madness: Pagan Security Blankets, Newsletter is Out, Ostara Blog Hop



It’s Monday Again?!

This past week we:

  • Added 2 new embroidered Pagan Security Blankets to the Etsy shop 
  • The first issue of the Newsletter went out today
  • Yesterday we announced the Spring Blog Hop we’re hosting

Last Week I Made and put up 2 New Pagan Kids Security Blankets

The first blanket is for the Future Warrior in your family. Find it in the Etsy Shop.

  • It’s 12 in x 12 in
  • white fleece
  • sage green minkey fabric (uber soft)
  • sage satin edging
  • The embroidery includes:
    • a Thor’s hammer in silver thread
    • the text is in sage green.

The other blanket is for the Goddess Blessed little one.

  • It’s 12 in x 12 in
  • white fleece
  • white minkey fabric (uber soft)
  • top stitched edging
  • The embroidery includes:
    • Triple Moon Symbol in silver thread
    • the text is in sage green.

First Issue of the Newsletter Went out Today

I’m sad if you missed it but it isn’t too late.


If you’d like to receive future issues you can sign up via the widget in the right hand side bar. All issues will keep a running list of our most recent tutorials in PDF form.

I Hope you Didn’t miss the Spring Has Sprung Blog Hop AnnouncementOstaraSpringBlogHop2011

Here is the link if you need to go back. The hop will be on March 25th and the theme is Spring. Share anything you want.

I’ll be probably sharing in the week up to and on it a Giveaway of some sort, Family pictures of our Ostara Egg hunt, and probably a tutorial.

Please Come in and join us.

I think Tomorrow I’m going to share some pictures I snapped of the kids playing in the beautiful weather this past weekend!


Did you as a child or do your children have a security item? I’d love to hear about them and what it is that was so appealing about the item.

Wee Rose keeps rotating. For a bit it was a stuffed kitty and a stuffed bear but now she’s all about the baby blanket I knit her. Lil ‘R has a small security blanket that he must have to sleep. He must always have a few trains in bed too though and which ones keep switching.

Have a great week everyone!



  1. My little one's security blanket was crocheted for her my by sister-in-spirit witch bestest friend, Uncle James. My munchkin will tell you to this day that her Uncle James made it for her because he loves her and it protects her every night. I think the really personal connection means a lot to her, the protection spells woven into the making of it, and the holes in the crochet for her to wrap her fingers through.

  2. Signed up for your news letter! Have no idea why I didn't do it before. Haha!



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