Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekly Update: New Triple Moon Patches, High School, & Awards



Monday update is coming on Tuesday this week because I was very busy yesterday. Today we have more talking about School, New item in the Etsy Shop, and getting an Award.


IMG_0987First I’d like to thank everyone who left comments on the Sweetheart Sheep Tutorial. He’s gotten some great reactions and as a creator that makes me feel great! I’m seriously considering making a few for the Etsy Shop but I’m going to try to do it entirely by sewing (no hot glue) and to use fleece instead of felt for the coat. I hope to start the first one by this weekend.

Back to School I go

I spent the entire day at a local High School doing classroom observations. I was definitely a learning experience. I feel a lot more comfortable being in a High School again.

Also I spoke with the head of the Math Department. It seems there is an ESE position available right now for the rest of the year and then maybe a geometry in the fall. Teaching ESE scares me because I have no basis of knowledge on how to teach it differently. But it'll get me in the door and lead to something better. It's also only for 3 months so I'll probably take it. Maybe I'll like it and want to stay, who knows.

New Pagan Etsy Store Items

IMG_1004I've been working on a few new items this week for the Etsy Shop. Unfortunately the one I'm most excited about, a new pagan baby item, isn't finished but I'll give you a peek. It's a security blanket with an embroidered flannel top and super soft minkey fabric on the underside.

I've also modified the Triple Moon Goddess patch. I have made a smaller 2 inch version and stitched it up in multiple colors. These are $4 each for the plain colors and $4.50 for the metallic. I have even more colors available but I thought this was a good beginning selection. IMG_1020

I received an award

I'm honored to say that Polly over at Pagan by Design has bestowed on me a Wonderful Web Witches Award. It really means a lot to me. For that I've only been blogging a few months it is wonderful to get this type of recognition. It gives me high hopes for the future.

If you know anyone who should be nominated make sure to stop by and do so!


Remember about our newsletter. I'm finalizing up the PDF for the last tutorial and once it's finished I will be sending it out along with the newsletter to all the subscribers.

I hope everyone has a great week. Not only should everyone be on the look out for the newsletter but I have another sock critter tutorial in the works.


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