Friday, March 16, 2012

Creating A Family Faith: Deciding on What to Teach and Share

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g6530-1This is a huge topic on my mind at  the moment. I have two small children and not only do I identify as pagan but so does my husband. But we still don’t share all the same beliefs.

On top of that I run an active Pagan Parenting Group on Facebook. I’m constantly researching and searching for references.

I’ve talked before how important I feel it is to not keep your children in the dark regarding your faith. But what about in a mixed faith household?

My husband beliefs fall closest in line with Eclectic Paganism with it’s rootsg6530 strongly in Wicca. That description holds pretty true for him but of course he is an individual. I’m the complicated one. I believe the best definition for me is as a Humanistic Pagan or Heathen. It’s a label I only learned about a month or so back but it seems to fit pretty well. In a nut shell it’s a focus on nature and the ethics of pre-Christianity (for myself Heathenry) without a fundamental view of any deity/deities. For more information please visit the link.

How do we mesh this when it comes to raising our children?

I know this isn’t the same as trying to combine Paganism & Christianity, or Judaism, or Atheism. But in our house it has one huge issue, the Supernatural influence on each of our lives be it Deities, Ghosts, Faeries, Wights and many others entities.

Because of this currently we’ve focused mainly on sharing with the kids items tied directly to nature and the changing of seasons. Ethics are also an area of non issue. This includes activities like:

  • Celebrating the Wheel of the Year and all the Holidays.
  • Talking about the elements and their correspondences.
  • Reading Mythology because though it talks about Deities it’s all lessons in right and wrong, ethics, social conduct, etc.

Family Traditions

IMG_8340One things we are huge of in our home are family traditions. These traditions exist both in conjunction with our faiths and sometimes outside of it. I guess it makes things even more complicated. Right now though, tradition seems to be what run us and we’re always trying to find ways to incorporate more things and more of our faith into them.

What about Once They’re Older?

When they’re older and start to ask the Big why questions I can only surmise what we’ll do. I think the simplest way is for Hubby and I to each explain it. I’ll probably explain by way of scientific answers and let Hubby field them from the more allegorical or spiritual explanation. It’ll be for choose the exact nature of their path based upon their own feelings.

How about your family? Do you have a family faith or have you had to find a middle ground between different views to teach your children? If so how did you resolve it?



  1. nice post. I was just thinking about how and when to teach our mixed tradition to our children (one day) while watching my toddler nephew. I have a binder and tons of notes on Pagan Parenting. Can't wait to actually practice it when the time comes. Blessings! ~)O(~

  2. Beautiful post Velody and love the cutie pic htere. I don't have children (human) so I never will wonder about this but I do see it ever growing in the Pagan community. I'm sure between you and your hubs, you'll come up with something that fits for the "family". I look forward to reading about it! :)

  3. Since my kids are practically grown, they have chosen their own faith. My 16 yr old is still at home. When I structure a family ritual, like around Lammas, everyone participates. Hubs is pagan-friendly so when we have our little one, s/he will be raised eclectic pagan with emphasis on Egyptian and Norse pantheons.

  4. Sounds you are handling things quite well so far, and as long as you don't put other beliefs down when you explain things to them, they should come out just fine. :)



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