Friday, March 9, 2012

Environment: It’s more than just dirt

IMG_1093In what I call my previous incarnation I was an Environmental Engineer. I hold a Master’s degree in it even. I went into that field originally with the intensions of wanting to make a true difference.

For a few years I felt I did. I worked on a project to learn the cause of tree die off in a ecosystem a bit south of here. I then worked on possible scenarios to try to bring it back to it’s original state while still working with the changes of how the local land was being used.

In time though restoration jobs became less and I became less happy at my work. As long time readers know I was eventually laid off that job, and I decided to change careers. Something I’m currently in the middle of.

The environment is still dear to my heart though I show it in not so obvious ways. I’m pro technology just as I feel my ancestors were.

Though I follow a Reconstructionist path I will never go back to how my ancestor’s lived exactly.

My way of being environmentally conscious is through my usage and I’m a strong believer in reuse and fixing things. When something breaks the first thing I try to do is fix it, if I can’t fix it can I use it differently? IMG_9600And just because something is older doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

I try to make things out of other items like my Mate-less Sock Black Widow Spider or my Sweetheart Sheep.


IMG_0987As Pagans or Heathens being conscious of the environment is something we all do but as I’ve seen through the years we all do it for different reasons. We also all do it through different methods.

Some buy only materials labeled green, some buy only local, some only specific materials, some reuse, some buy minimally or multiple combinations of them all.

It’s important but it shouldn’t be a contest as to who is greener either.

I do have a goal though to try to get out more and make a more active difference.

Just remember to do what you can and as often as you can. Mother Earth and all our children will thank you.

In what ways do you try to protect and honor the environment? And do you have a personal goal for doing more?



  1. Love your blog, so important not just for us but our descendants to have a healthy and loved world.

    Rachel x

  2. Love this post! One of my favorite sayings is that "We don't inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children".

    I'm on a mission to learn and implement new ways of caring for the Earth - and passing it along to my grandchildren. I'm currently hosting a 13 week long campaign called "Earth Day ~ Every Day: 13 Weeks of Earth-Wise Exploration" and in week one's (self-induced) assignment I wrote a bit about why preserving the Earth is important to me and where I feel I can improve. Anyone is welcome to join in at anytime.

    Bright Blessings to you!

  3. I was born into recycling, so that is a huge part of my life. Also, when a new idea comes to mind, we poke through our recycle bin to see if we can reuse any of that stuff before sending it off to be processed.

    The biggest thing for me right now, though, is to be more in tune with the natural world around me, and having a spot in the Community Garden where we grow veggies is certainly helping with that.

    I also try to buy in bulk and produce less waste, and I plan to buy more local and in-season foods from the Farmer's Market this summer.



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