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Frith comes from the Old English word for Peace but that is just the tip of the iceberg.
According to John Clark Hall's A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary,the Old English word friĆ¾ meant: 1. peace, tranqility; 2. security, refuge; 3. privilege of special protection and the penalty for the breach of it; 4. the restoration of rights to an outlaw. The first meaning,"peace, tranquility," appears to be the way most heathen use frith today.[1]
Frith extended beyond just peace within a tribe or group of people it is the concept for which different clans/tribes/groups came together to meet and swear to no fighting.

That was then but What about Now?

In today’s world most of us wouldn’t be a part of a diplomatic group that needed to operate under the concept of Frith. But really it still does apply.
If you’re a part of any larger community I’m sure you’ve seen where splits happen in groups. And then the bad talking happens, possibly lies or even worse.
This is where Frith is a concept that is good for all people to take to heart and to teach our children. Frith doesn’t mean just keeping the peace for the sake of peace but frith can easily be kept by always acting in an honorable manner.

Low there do I See

Right now I’m seeing a bit of this between two pagan run festivals. It has come to my attention about bad words being said about one to discourage people to attend it. This isn’t healthy or beneficial for either even when each is very different from the other and serves different needs of the community. What is the worst is it’s being said by members of staff for the event (though not the organizers). I know animosity has always occurred between the two and things have been said on both sides. What I don’t get is why. What good does this do?
Have you any experience where if Frith was a known and followed concept maybe things would have happened or been dealt with differently? I’m pretty sure you all have. I only shared one of dozens I know of.
I hope everyone is having a great Friday.
In Frith,

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[1] Frith (N.A.) Wednesbury Shire of White Marsh Theod, retrieved from
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