Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Madness: House Update!


It’s Monday again! And that means update time!

Mundane life has been incredibly crazy here so no new items for the shop. Yes a big frowny face about that.

Our home repairs are complete though. Last week I show the kitchen ripped up and this week I have pictures of it finished!

Also I am done with my first 2 classes towards my teaching certificate. Just a bunch more to go!

Complete Kitchen & 1 Bathroom!

I said last week I would share pictures of our kitchen when it was done. In some ways this turned into a blessing in disguise. Because I had an issue with how they did the cabinets over something you can’t see from the outside the company gave us a discount. That meant they did the job low enough it compensated for our home insurance deductible.

The whole thing cost us almost nothing out of pocket. For weeks I was stressing over the money about fixing this. I’m so happy that:

  • It’s finished!
  • The money worked out
  • We got were able to upgrade our kitchen
  • We also upgraded the kids bathroom

The Kitchen Before & After

Cardiff 004


Lil ‘R liked is so much he wanted to move into a cabinet.



The Kid’s Bathroom Before & After

Cardiff 030IMG_1172


Wait for tomorrow when we’re going to have another Tutorial out!

Have you ever had a situation that started as a nightmare turned into a blessing in disguise?


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