Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Monday Madness: (On Tuesday I know) Ripped up Kitchen and New colors for Sif Patch



Things are running a bit behind here. I feel like I’m juggling 1000+1 things.

  • I’m in my last week for my current set of classes.
  • I got my resume redone and faxed it out to 3 different high schools.
  • Also our kitchen is currently in pieces as it’s been redo and repaired.
  • I also finished up a custom colored Sif patch.

Ripping A part our Kitchen

Ideally we would not be having our kitchen redone right now. Back in Mid January we came to learn that the wax ring on kid’s bathroom toilet was leaking. That toilet happened to be right above one of our kitchen cabinets.

Yes EWww!!

Monday they ripped out all the kitchen cabinets and today they are putting in the new ones.

Cardiff 004IMG_1099
Before With Cabinets                   And After the Cabinets Gone

The funniest thing was Lil ‘R. He had a fit!


He kept going on about how they were destroying the kitchen and that they were making a huge mess!

I’ll be so happy to have it done though. A full day without a kitchen is really tough. Especially when you’re used to cooking every meal.

Custom Colors Sif Embroidered Patch


I just had a commission to make my Sif patch but using Forest Colors instead. I really like how this one came out.

On any patch I have if you would like to have different colors it can easily be done and there is no extra charge if it’s a 1 to 1 switch out.

It’s Mayhem around here! Though I’m happy that after Saturday I have a 3 week break before my next classes start up.

That will coincide nicely with all the Ostara stuff we want to do around here. In the week leading up to and preceding the Spring Blog Hop expect quite a bit from here!

Have you had anything crazy go on in your house this past week or is it just me?



  1. Gotta love remodeling! Can't wait to buy a house and start remodeling it!

    1. We had no intention of remodeling right now though it was definitely something we have wanted to do. We decided to upgrade a few small things while we were at it.

      We're getting an over the range microwave put in to replace my old microwave and the ugly hood we had. Plus a new sink and faucet in the kids bathroom.

      Such a bad time being unemployeed right now so keep fingers crossed things do okay. :)

  2. I hope they get your kitchen done soon. How exciting to get a makeover! Can't wait to see the pics. Your patches are awesome gf. Such a craftster aren't ya! ;)



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