Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Subway Art Printable

IMG_1398_2I’ve been seeing various Subway Art Printables around the web for a bit and I wanted to make my own.

So here it is! You can download it directly from Scribd.

Spring Subway Art

Being that I wanted it to be Spring Themed I searched for poems and found one that I thought really was inspiring and appropriate. IMG_1391_2

I found this poem by one of the greats, Percy Shelley and just ran with it. You can either download it from the embedded widget above or if that isn’t working you can get it Here.

This is sized for a normal sheet of paper. I printed mine on Cardstock and am using a document size frame to display it.

I would love to do some that are specifically about Paganism or Heathenry. I think maybe some from the Havamal would be awesome!

It was a lot of fun and pretty simple so I hope everyone wouldn’t mind seeing them fairly often in the future.

If you have ideas please shot them my way. The big issue I was running into is that it can’t be very long. This part of the poem is only 4 lines long.

Opinion Question: Is the embedded Scribd box too much? Do you all like it or should I just leave the link in the future?


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