Monday, April 30, 2012

MM: Bound for the Florida Pagan Gathering

MondayMadnessLogoIt truly is Monday Madness around here today. Tomorrow the entire family is off to The Florida Pagan Gathering for almost week.

To get ready though is turning into full out chaos. Being that I have school assignments due while we are away I must also have them completed before we leave. I need to have everything put together for the family. I have to have you all taken care of while I’m away with some content. I also am a lead staff member at the event so I need to make sure all my ducks are in a row for my peeps.


IMG_8550_1As I’m writing this it’s a few days before we leave and panic has just started to set in. Me the ultimate list writer is avoiding writing the to do list because I fear how much is going to be on it.

We haven’t made it out for the entire event in a years time though. We had to miss all but a day of Samhain and I am so looking forward to seeing our Pagan family. I can’t believe this picture to the left was taken there a year ago!

This year we should have more free reign in the evenings too. We have purchased our own radios and are going to rig one to make a site wide Baby monitor. Yeah for being stuck close to the cabin all night. It will be great to get out to fire circle.

I can’t wait to share photos and right about how things went when I return. For anyone who is going out also, can’t wait to see you there!

For everyone else have a great week!


Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ice IsaThis week I’m trying something new. I’m exhausted and sleep deprived so things are a bit funky in my head. Today I’m going to do some stream of consciousness writing. I am only going to edit it for grammatical or spelling issues the rest is just letting it flow.

I promise I won’t let it go too long either.

And the world was created from Fire and Ice. From this meeting was all life sprung from as from the Norse Creation story.

Symbolically though Ice represents stability and even stagnation. It is the constant that life springs from because Ice is but the solid physical state of water. Water is what most life depends upon. Without water we would all perish.

Does this then make Ice the frozen potential for life? To be dolled out as the ice melts away over time?

How does Ice play a part in our lives? Can we intentionally freeze things in our life for the future or is it that as our lives go on our ice melts further? Maybe it is our actions that has us melt the ice and allow more of that important life creation energy to flow into us.


Any thoughts?

Isa is a Rune in the Elder Futhark. There is so much on Runes that it is more than I could go into in a single post.

This post is apart of the Pagan Blog Project, to find the other posts please go here.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cthulu is here! And vote for him in 2012

Cthulu for PresidentWhy choose the lesser of two evils when you can just vote for Cthulu!

We’ve just added 2 new items to the Etsy Shop. One is a Cthulu for President vinyl decal. The vinyl is of permanent outdoor grade and is suitable for automobiles or any other permanent application. The entire design is 8 in x 4.25 in wide. It is available in the Etsy Shop here for $8 + sh.

Or if politics isn’t your thing we also have Cthulu with the phrase “Obey Your Elder God.” It stands 7.5 in x 4.25 in and is made of the same green vinyl as the Cthulu for President. This Cthulu is $7.50 + sh and can be found in the Cthulu Obey Your Elder GodEtsy Shop here.

The Geeks of us out there Love Cthulu in his many forms. I don’t think H.P. Lovecraft would have ever thought his creation would be the icon it is today.

Lil ‘R even has a plushy Cthulu we got from a handmade toy designer a few years ago.

I know Cthulu is outside of the realm of Pagan kids items but hey sometimes I have to embrace my inner Geek and let it all out!

Would you endorse Cthulu for President?


Friday, April 20, 2012

How do you pass your Honor Code onto your Children?

Honor is something very different for everyone. Most people I believe can think about having a sense of personal honor. Often that code of personal ethics comes down to them through Faith.

In the great Pagan Umbrella that isn’t always true. In Wicca there is the Rede and 3 fold Law. In Asatru and Heathenry there are various modern codes like the Nine Noble Virtues but really the Lore speaks for itself. Other reconstruction faiths are simple in their codes. For other pagans who follow a very personal path there is not clearly written guidelines for honor. But it’s something we all have.

ClicktoTweet_GreenHonor is that personal line you hold yourself to. Teach your children about it everyday by your own actions.

How do you pass along how to be honorable to your children?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Personal Splurge: Tree of Life Earrings

IMG_1461-2For quite a long time I never bought myself anything. Since starting up Treegold & Beegold I’ve slowly started to change that. I mean I need to reward myself for a job well done right?
A few weeks back a close online friend (we met in a birth month group through Café Mom) posted up some pictures of a gorgeous Tree of Life earring set she did for someone else.
I immediately asked if she had any amber or amethyst chips to use. She got ahold of the amethyst and made me up a pair. Woot!!
Aren’t they beautiful? When they first arrived I was a bit shocked by the size. They are quite large and not something I would wear with my hair up. With my hair down and them peaking through the strands though is quite cute.
These are definitely going to be a Festival pair of earrings!
The creator can be found through her Facebook Page, Chloe’s Asleep Creations. She doesn’t have any pictures up on the page, because she’s just getting started but I know she can share photos of others she has done.

I believe her normal rate is $20 + $2 shipping. She customizes the colors of the stones even if you want multiple colors. One mom got 3 colors for each of her kids birthstones.
I can’t wait until the Florida Pagan Gathering to show them off!
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UPDATE: She's updated her Facebook page quite a bit after I told her I used that link in the post. Now there are plenty of pretty pictures.

I received nothing for this post. I bought these and loved them so much I had to share!
Remember to Like Chloe’s Asleep Creations of Facebook.

Monday, April 16, 2012

MM: New Vinyl Designs & Greensong Grove Beltaine

MondayMadnessLogoWhew! Last week was a flurry of activity with the debuting of the new vinyl decal designs.

Boy do the Pagan Family Car Decals seem to be creating a buzz or what? I’m so excited and am definitely going to continue to add more designs to the line up. If you request something specifically it gets added more towards the front of the line. What’s been asked:

  • More cats & dogs
  • More babies
  • Lizards
  • Parrots
  • Owls
  • Spiders
  • Older stick figures (Honestly I’m still mulling how to do this without being disrespectful or stereotypical)

New Pagan Car Decal Designs

SalesImage_SpiralGoddessBabyWe so far have one general design also. It’s a Spiral Goddess Cradling a Baby.

How excited I am at the possibility of designs I can make is ridiculous. It takes a lot for me to get much else done right now!

Recent additions include Viking and Valkyries this past week.


Greensong Grove Beltaine

This past weekend we went out to a local 3 day festival hosted by Greensong Grove. We know a lot of people there and it’s normally a great small event. We decided to try vending again also. At Samhain we only got a luke warm response but back then I didn’t even have my first patches done.

The difference was huge!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Sacred Horns: The Journey of Creating Your Own



Years ago I had the opportunity to create my own drinking horn. It was thrilling that I would finally be able to make my own horn for use at Sumbel. I’ve spoken of Sumbel before, but in a nutshell it’s a Heathen practice of ritualized toasting. It involves toasts to the Gods & Goddesses, toasts to our Ancestors, Oaths, Toasts and Boasts along with Storytelling.

It’s an incredibly important practice because the Drinking Horn is seen as a sacred vessel. It not only holds the drink for the toast but it is the vibration of your words upon the surface of the liquid that carries your words through all the 9 Worlds.

Creating My Horn

A friend many years back got a few horns in the raw from a taxidermy source. When I got my horn the outside was still covered in caked on dirt, hair and other materials.

I had to painstakingly clean the horn by scraping the outside and then sand it until it came to a smooth finish.

At this point you could seal the horn and be done but that wasn’t for me.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

TFOLW: Moon Gardens, Sewing Tips, Bird Pattern, Wreath and more


It’s been a few weeks since I shared some of the great stuff I find on the web and save away.

I subscribe to A LOT of blogs. I’ll admit I don’t read every thing of everyone. I do a lot of skimming to catch what looks awesome, read, comment or mark to save. Here is some of the stuff I thought worth saving.


Planting a Moon Garden at The Witch of Howling Creek






Like many Binding is tough for me. Here is a great tutorial from retro mama.




Bird in Flight: Pattern and Tutorial from While She Naps.




Tulip Wreath from The Polkadot Chair






Flower Fairy Wands at Wee Folk Art




Goddess for Children from Pagan Dad



Hope you all liked some of the stuff I found and I’ll really try to do better about putting this together. I share a lot of things on the Facebook Fan Page so always check it out!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giveaway!! Miracle-Grow Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Spring is here and what do we all thing of at this time of the year? Besides bunnies and eggs I mean.

EnG Product Shot.png

We think of planting and gardening. And here I've learned about a new way to easily prep for Spring and Summer. 

I have an opportunity for a new giveaway here on the blog. It's for a sample of Miracle-Grow Expand 'n Gro Concentrated Planting Mix.

I don't know about you but I have a black thumb. For how hard I try I'm awful at growing plants. It's mostly because I seem to have bad luck and I forget about them. Maybe with this it would help me turn the tides on my dying plants. 

It works on growing big and beautiful plants whether they are in a pot or in the ground. The great thing is it expands up to 3x in water and can feed plants for up to 6 months. That's perfect for my forgetful mind. It's all natural fibers also hold up to 50% more water than natural potting mix. That would sure help with my forgetting to water the poor plants. What's best is the use of it helps to improve your soil for years to come!

Make sure to check out for yourself!

Expand ‘n Gro™

What's great is this one bag does everything from soil to food and you can get a higher yield from your plants. Up to 3x the vegetables or flowers! versus native soil.

I'm giving away one sample to our readers. Just leave a comment below about what you want to grow! I'll pick the winner on Tuesday April 17.





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Monday, April 9, 2012

MM: Drum Circle, New Craft Toy, & Vinyl Pagan Family Decals

MondayMadnessLogoHappy Monday Everyone!!

Did you get your copy of the Newsletter last week? If so it had an exclusive coupon code for subscribers in it! Make sure to sign up for future coupons and sale announcements.

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We’ve had a very busy week around here. Classes are back in session, we are vending at Greensong Grove Beltaine this coming weekend, and I’ve started a new line of items in the shop.

Drum Circle

On Saturday Night we went out for the first time to the Tampa Community Drum Circle. The new location is just 15 minutes from my house at an equestrian center that also has a petting zoo. The kids had a load of fun and the drumming was quite good. It’s going to be held the first Saturday of every month and may really be worth it as a nice family activity. By the end the kids were really getting into the drums, dancing around and wiggling to the beat.

I also brought along their own mini drum they have which kept them occupied from time to time. Sometimes it’s just great to get out of the house for something other than school or errands.

New Craft Toy

IMG_1533I took the plunge and invested in a rather expensive but versatile craft tool, a Silhouette Cameo. I liked that it can cut multiple materials from card stock, plain paper, fabric or adhesive vinyl.

Monday, April 2, 2012

MM: April Fools Chicken, New Items & Family


Last week was an odd week of illnesses, my mom coming over to look for a place, lots of designing and a cute April Fools joke.


The kids had something that was going around. Wee Rose woke up on Friday with a 103.5 fever. That definitely had me worried so we called the Dr. and were in for an appt by 10:45am. Negative on Flu and Negative on Strep Throat. All she could say was it’s a virus and to watch her. A day later Wee Rose seems a-okay and back to normal. It’s so odd how kids illnesses come and go.

My Mom is Moving Nearby!

My mother currently lives about 2 hours away were I grew up. She’s decided she wants to sell her house and move to a 55+ community closer to me! On Friday she and my step dad came over and after some ups and downs we stumbled on a great place. They’ve put in an offer but her house has to sell for this to go through. Everyone Good thoughts, wishes, energy and cross your fingers if you could for us.

The new place is only 10 minutes away.

I haven’t lived that close to my mother since I moved out at 18. I’m excited as can be that they’ll be close by to see the kids and be able to participate regularly in family things.

New Shop Items

We have a new security blanket with a  sun and moon celestial theme to it.




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