Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cthulu is here! And vote for him in 2012

Cthulu for PresidentWhy choose the lesser of two evils when you can just vote for Cthulu!

We’ve just added 2 new items to the Etsy Shop. One is a Cthulu for President vinyl decal. The vinyl is of permanent outdoor grade and is suitable for automobiles or any other permanent application. The entire design is 8 in x 4.25 in wide. It is available in the Etsy Shop here for $8 + sh.

Or if politics isn’t your thing we also have Cthulu with the phrase “Obey Your Elder God.” It stands 7.5 in x 4.25 in and is made of the same green vinyl as the Cthulu for President. This Cthulu is $7.50 + sh and can be found in the Cthulu Obey Your Elder GodEtsy Shop here.

The Geeks of us out there Love Cthulu in his many forms. I don’t think H.P. Lovecraft would have ever thought his creation would be the icon it is today.

Lil ‘R even has a plushy Cthulu we got from a handmade toy designer a few years ago.

I know Cthulu is outside of the realm of Pagan kids items but hey sometimes I have to embrace my inner Geek and let it all out!

Would you endorse Cthulu for President?


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