Friday, April 20, 2012

How do you pass your Honor Code onto your Children?

Honor is something very different for everyone. Most people I believe can think about having a sense of personal honor. Often that code of personal ethics comes down to them through Faith.

In the great Pagan Umbrella that isn’t always true. In Wicca there is the Rede and 3 fold Law. In Asatru and Heathenry there are various modern codes like the Nine Noble Virtues but really the Lore speaks for itself. Other reconstruction faiths are simple in their codes. For other pagans who follow a very personal path there is not clearly written guidelines for honor. But it’s something we all have.

ClicktoTweet_GreenHonor is that personal line you hold yourself to. Teach your children about it everyday by your own actions.

How do you pass along how to be honorable to your children?

Honor isn’t something you can pass on like a ball in the play yard. Honor is truly a part of your self identity. How do you convey such a concept then?

Do you live by example?   But is that enough?

Do you tell stories of honor and morality?    But is that enough?

Do you point out examples in others?   But is that enough?

Do you steer them in their own actions?    But is that enough?

In the end like all things parenting do we try our best and hope that it rubbed off? Yep. I think it’s important though that if you want to pass on the importance of honor to your children that you first investigate exactly what it means to you. Spend a good bit of time doing so, and find where you lines are that you hold yourself to.

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  1. Excellent reminder! Lead by example, teach through trust and always be the change you wish to see in the world (or have your children emulate). ;)

  2. Loved your post! I don't have children myself yet, but when I do, I'll sit myself down and have a long and hard think about what ethics I'll want them to follow.



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