Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ice IsaThis week I’m trying something new. I’m exhausted and sleep deprived so things are a bit funky in my head. Today I’m going to do some stream of consciousness writing. I am only going to edit it for grammatical or spelling issues the rest is just letting it flow.

I promise I won’t let it go too long either.

And the world was created from Fire and Ice. From this meeting was all life sprung from as from the Norse Creation story.

Symbolically though Ice represents stability and even stagnation. It is the constant that life springs from because Ice is but the solid physical state of water. Water is what most life depends upon. Without water we would all perish.

Does this then make Ice the frozen potential for life? To be dolled out as the ice melts away over time?

How does Ice play a part in our lives? Can we intentionally freeze things in our life for the future or is it that as our lives go on our ice melts further? Maybe it is our actions that has us melt the ice and allow more of that important life creation energy to flow into us.


Any thoughts?

Isa is a Rune in the Elder Futhark. There is so much on Runes that it is more than I could go into in a single post.

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  1. Ice is also fairly stable, unless introduced to a heat source. When I think of Isa, I think of an old, weathered man. There are a lot of ancient secrets that ice holds. It's strong, sometimes impenetrable.



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