Monday, April 2, 2012

MM: April Fools Chicken, New Items & Family


Last week was an odd week of illnesses, my mom coming over to look for a place, lots of designing and a cute April Fools joke.


The kids had something that was going around. Wee Rose woke up on Friday with a 103.5 fever. That definitely had me worried so we called the Dr. and were in for an appt by 10:45am. Negative on Flu and Negative on Strep Throat. All she could say was it’s a virus and to watch her. A day later Wee Rose seems a-okay and back to normal. It’s so odd how kids illnesses come and go.

My Mom is Moving Nearby!

My mother currently lives about 2 hours away were I grew up. She’s decided she wants to sell her house and move to a 55+ community closer to me! On Friday she and my step dad came over and after some ups and downs we stumbled on a great place. They’ve put in an offer but her house has to sell for this to go through. Everyone Good thoughts, wishes, energy and cross your fingers if you could for us.

The new place is only 10 minutes away.

I haven’t lived that close to my mother since I moved out at 18. I’m excited as can be that they’ll be close by to see the kids and be able to participate regularly in family things.

New Shop Items

We have a new security blanket with a  sun and moon celestial theme to it.



We also have quite a few new 2” patches.

Pentacles in Elemental and Metallic colors.IMG_1378IMG_1375

Triquestras in Elemental and Metallic colors.IMG_1498IMG_1507

Horned God Symbols in Elemental and Metallic colors. IMG_1512IMG_1520

April Fool’s Day Imitation Chicken


Last night we had our 2 close friends over for dinner and to watch Wrestlemania. To do something fun for dessert I this “chicken” for everything that I saw over at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

Mine isn’t nearly as cute as hers but one thing is they were yummy. They would also send a diabetic into a coma so please eat sparingly!


I think next on the patch list is a Valknut. We have a Beltaine event on the weekend of the 14th so it is going to busy busy busy around here!

Has anyone ever done something or had something big done to them for April Fool’s Day?



  1. Children bounce back quicker than Tigger himself lol, glad your little one is feeling better as it's always a worry with children.

    My fingers are crossed for you too my lovely, always good to have family close.

    Rachel x

  2. I hope your mom's house sells quick! That is a really cute baby blanket, I'm going to check out your shop right now. :)

    1. It actually sold in less than 4 days. She called me to tell me the news hours after I posted this! Thank you so much for the well wishes and the compliment on the blanket.

  3. Wow! That house sold fast in this economy. Good for her. I love your shop. I wish you had been around when my kids were babies. I'll have to stock up for future grand children!



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